Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C
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At last year's Axpona, I was shown an engineering model of these devices and yes, they will be something truly exciting!
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Hey Dan...Congrats on the upcoming Neon! Can't wait to add it to my collection of Periodic goodies!
Well done!
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Did those things come out yet? Any hints? Wireless earbuds maybe? It sounds exciting.
See them at CanJam in about 2 days! We're sharing a booth with CEntrance - but the coolness starts there.

Also check our Instagram feed - it's got some info, too.
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Hey Dan...Congrats on the upcoming Neon! Can't wait to add it to my collection of Periodic goodies!
Well done!
Thanks! It's a very good sounding Bluetooth, but the dual source feature is KILLER. I use it to bounce between my laptop and my phone. Single click and instantly switched to the other device, extremely convenient.
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Any thoughts on using MEMS for iems? Periodic always seems willing to experiment with new tech.
I've been playing with MEMS speakers from xMEMS and uSound for several years now. IMHO, they're not ready for prime time for a few reasons:

- Limited displacement. They are very small displacement units, and thus cannot move a lot of air. Both offerings, IMHO, run out of steam below 1 kHz. Great for tweeters - and that's how they're shown at CES and other shows - but impractical for a full-range solution.

- Requirement for a 30+V power supply in the IEM. They use high voltage to drive the unit, meaning you'll always have to stick a high voltage amplifier and power supply somewhere in the chain. 2V from your higher-end DAC won't come close to it, you need 15+ times more voltage than that.

There is a MEMS speaker we're playing with that has real promise, and we're moving forward with something pretty revolutionary with it. But until we're further along, I'm gonna keep it hush hush. Got too many other goodies to launch this year, anyway.
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As always, I am looking forward to your new upcoming goodies!
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Was very excited when I got home last night to find that my Periodic Be arrived. Listened to them until I went to bed. Actually fell asleep with them in. At some point I woke up and took them off, leaving them on the pillow beside me. Woke up to an odd noise of my dog chewing on something. Well, here are my Be's as of 7 am:

I assume they are still covered under the 5 year warranty.... :)
Did you bury it in the yard or threw it in the trash?
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Will you be replacing the dog or the phones??

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