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ORIVETI BASIC - a $99 Dynamic Single-Driver In-Ear. Impressions, Reviews & Discussions.

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  1. nmatheis Contributor

    Brooko nailed it. Sensitivity to sibilance varies by person. I'm more like Glebuzzz. 8k tends to bother me,so I'm guessing the Oriveti Basic would, as HiFiChris already hinted at, be an enjoyable listen for me.
  2. audiobot
    Would love impressions, especially a possible comparison to the Aurisonic Rockets.
    1) - The plastic connector not just Soft TPE outside, it has the hard PP plastic inside to hold the MMCX connector.  
    2) - It's a real MMCX, other cable with standard MMCX can be used.
    Yeah, more reviews will come. :)
  4. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I have a pair, just started to really jam them. I gotta say, they are pretty damn bassy, Even still, they don't seem to bleed to much into the rest of the frequencies. It almost sounds like a dual driver in that aspect, like a neutral mid and treble tuning with a subwoofer cannon accompanying it. I likey :)
    More to come
  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Friend, I will do a comparison in my review. For now picture a pair of rockets with a subwoofer attached to it. That is is Oriveti Basic in a nutshell.
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  6. Glebuzzz
    I guess the most interesting comparisons would be vs Titan 1/3/5, AAW Nebula 1 and other "titan diaphragm" IEMs
  7. HiFiChris Contributor
    Workin' on it.
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  8. robervaul
    Hi Vince, Happy New year.
    Happy New Primacy too ?!? [​IMG]
  9. bri g
    just got mine, out of the box they are indeed bassy but definitely not muddy. loving the warm mids like the primacy. highs are present but not as textured. didn't notice any peaks or sibilance so these are definitely great iems for daily use :)
  10. metabaron
    Are these easy to drive? And where can you buy them in the USA? There is only one seller on Amazon and is a third party fulfilled by Amazon.
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    Fairly easy to drive.
    The seller on Amazon is an official ORIVETI reseller/distributor, as confirmed by ORIVETI.
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  12. metabaron
    These are probably the most comfortable, easy to wear ies that I have ever owned. They are small, weight almost nothing, are super easy to drive and sound great for the price (a much better deal than the Shure 215, and I would definitely recommend them over them).
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  13. mrazik

    Absolutely agree with you. I really like them. Bass is so addictive. Even from iPhone. Ideal goto earphones.
  14. bri g

    testing the new primacy 8 core on the basic. i like this set up better. you do get less bass, but it has better control. i also got more body on the mids and better extentions
  15. Tony-Hifi
    Oriveti Basic In Ear Headphone video review

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