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Oppo Sonica DAC (an affordable ES9038PRO Sabre DAC)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Sep 11, 2016.
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  1. TheSnafu
  2. RadioWonder737
  3. Arme777
    Hello to all foreros. I'm new in this forum. My name is Andres, I am from Argentina (sorry I did not find the presentation section to introduce myself). I have been reading for a long time. I bought my Oppo Sonica DAC for the opinions of users. I want to tell you that I have the Accuphase E370 amplifier boxes ProAc Responce D18 and Oppo Sonica dac, in a living room of 5m x 6m. I am quite happy with my configuration, I love music, I usually listen to Jazz). Well I bought the remote control of the Oppo Sonica and sincerely It was useless. My idea was to buy it to be able to use it without internet connection, but unfortunately it does not work.It is necessary to connect it with the sonic app. I am telling this so that you know and think 2 times before paying 30UD + tax .It was a waste of money. Greetings to everyone.

  4. zilch0md
    Thanks for the EU health warning! :L3000:
  5. jgwtriode
    Have my Sonica with EVS tweak shop mod back. Will be evaluating this weekend. Explanation of mod is at Ric Schultz's website.
  6. jgwtriode
    I will provide a full review when Ric is ready to go full tilt on this. Mine is the second one he has done. It is remarkable how much of an improvement 600 buys. Compare to $2500 for the modwright. I'm willing to bet Ric's EVS Mod at the very least holds
    its own.
    Stay tunded!!!

  7. Andrew Rieger
    Has lack of gapless playback been fixed?
  8. ekrauss
    My remote works perfectly. Did you remove any plastic film that might separate the batteries from the remote? Or is your criticism that the Sonica DAC doesn't work without the app? You will need to use the Sonica app to initially set up the unit but afterwards if you don't want to use its networking functions, you should be able to use the remote to operate it.
  9. ekrauss
  10. Andrew Rieger
    Utterly ridiculous.
    pibroch likes this.
  11. ekrauss
    Not really. The SOC doesn't support it and engineering a workaround takes considerable effort. That doesn't mean a fix isn't coming, but it means it is not easy. Instead of ridiculous, it's understandable.
    zilch0md likes this.
  12. LCMusicLover
    BTW, I think mine was the first :)
  13. jgwtriode
    Ric told me mine was the second!

    Congrats how do you like it? What are you running it with?

    Quite pleased with mine!

    Happy Listening,
  14. LCMusicLover
    Very happy.

    PC or direct-connected USB drive ==> Sonica ==> Violectric 280 ==> HE-560 -- balanced all the way

    Can't really provide any before/after comparisons, since I got it done quite soon after I received the Sonica, and didn't have the Violectric until after Sonica was out for mod.
  15. jgwtriode
    Very nice!

    I went Super single ended where Ric parallels all the DACs. Never done the balanced thing...since cables get so expensive. I run a fairly tweaked I5 with Jplay using tweaked nude USB thumb drives so I can run Windows 10 in hibernate on a single PC.

    Run Audiophile Optimizer, Process Lasso, and Fidelizer..All 3 software packages make worthwhile differences. Windows 10 stripped on a seperate solid state drive...dual boot.

    Thinking of windows 2016 server at some point. Use all zenwave cables. DIY usb of the same into a W4S reclocker. Have also disabled WiFi per Ric on my Sonica. It runs through Zenwave 3 interconnect to a Neco Soundlabs V5 amp. Had a custom version of same brand 2 interconnect wired for my highly tweaked HD 650s. Enhanced version of mods at Super Audio Best Friends appreciation thread.

    Much much better than stock.
    Sound is much more open and transparent than stock oppo. Soundstage is huge layered and deep. PRAT and dynamics are much improved. Bass a lot more impact weight and extension and texture. Noise floor much lower. Midrange is just more effortless...more tonally and harmonically correct. Much the same in balance as original but more musical and more present. Highs are less congested...more extended and just plain airy and open.

    Originally I found them very good but a touch rolled off and a bit softened. The sheer amount of detail and resolution is quite amazing and the overall improvement is substantial for a more than reasonable $600!

    I'm done for a couple years with DACs. Next is galvanic isolation. fanless LPS computer and them an Eddie current or Ampsandsound triode.

    I'm quite ecstatic about what Ric has created!

    Happy Listening!

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
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