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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. zensanjay
    Hi, thanks for the reply. Local temperature goes upto 41 Celsius and humidity can go upto 80 percent RH . However I use them mostly in Air conditioned environment. How is velour when compared to sheepskin leather? This is for the earpads . Oppo offers only pleather .
  2. The8thOctiveBoy
    I haven' tried them on the PM-3's, but I'm personally not a big fan of Brainwavz velour. I find it gets hot. Plus it would probably lower the bass a little bit, which isn't something I would want. Can't speak from actual experience with the PM-3's though, sorry
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  3. zensanjay
    Thanks. I think I will go with the sheepskin. I have an ipod 5th gen classic click wheel 60gb video version and the cowon plenue p1. The p1 picks more details ( sometimes not good ) and treble is good , but , bass seems subdued and the gap between the high and low of sound seems less. This is my experience with oppo pm3. Have to find out which headband option would fit the PM 3
  4. zensanjay
    Hi, I am awaiting the sheepskin ear pads. I removed the oppo pm3 earpad once , but found it difficult to remove second time and put again. How does one attach the angled sheepskin pads from brainwavz?
  5. noplsestar
    hi, just go a few pages back. there were many posts concerning pad swapping and how to attach the new ones.
  6. zensanjay
    Hi, I got the sheepskin pads and after removing the old pads , I slipped these on. The angled ones are bigger than the original pm3. I felt the clamping force was more with these specifically the lower end pressing below ear. Has to do with dimensions of the pads and my ears and the positioning due to that. I found a simpler way of detaching the oppo pads. I took a pharmacy rewards card , dimensions similar to a credit card and inserted in between the earpad and headphone frame in the side. Then I pressed the plastic and pulled gently. The last steps were instinctive and one might need to experiment. The side clip opened with a click and rest was easy.

    Impressions : reasonably comfortable. I had to pull out the headband a bit to compensate for the additional clamping pressure. Music on my cowon plenue p1 sounds more nearer to ipod and am enjoying it. More depth , little more pronounced bass. No degradation in music. Need to listen to more albums and also the ipod as well as the disc man for fairer idea of difference. It's bit big to fit into the hard case provided by oppo.

    I have to figure out the headband replacement part. How does one take care of sheepskin leather ?
    Thanks for all the inputs. The headphone aesthetics look reasonably fine.
  7. megabigeye
    There are plenty of leather soaps and conditioners, usually marketed for shoes, jackets or handbags.
    Glad the earpads work for you.
  8. Beechedwhale8
    Would you mind posting a pic of them with the new pads? I'm getting new pads in tomorrow and I'm not sure how to fit them on. Do you just take off the old pads and slip the new ones over the whole earcup?
  9. zensanjay
    HI, took off the old pads and slipped the new ones on.

    headphone2.jpg headphone3.jpg headphone3.jpg
  10. zensanjay
    headphone4.jpg headphone5.jpg
  11. zensanjay
    tried posting as thumbnail. Somehow, got it this way. Hope its ok.
  12. zensanjay
    I emailed the support of Brainwavz for details on care for the sheepskin leather ear pads. They responded with a link and asked me to go through head-fi forum for details. I got the same response last time too. The link is a generic link, which speaks about care of earpads and I read it earlier. Their support seems a little weak.
  13. Slim1970
    What does it do to the sound signature?
  14. noplsestar
    I guess not that much? Because they are not angled, if I‘m seeing it right.
  15. Colors
    Hi everyone,

    I recently acquired a pair of Oppo PM-3 from someone else here on the forums.

    I'm an IEM guy wanted to dip my toes into headphones. This would be my first pair of headphones. I needed something portable and can isolate somewhat alright on the subway. Also, sensitive enough to be driven by my Cayin N5ii.

    Hoping it sounds good :) Also, any recommendations for a balanced cable? I hear it scales well. Ideally, not more than $100.
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