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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. FastAndClean
    Screenshot (21).png


    Screenshot (22).png

    as you can see pm3 is flat down to 20hz, meze starts to roll off at 40hz, but meze have bump from 40hz to about 200hz
  2. Uros
    I understand that, I am not into Beats anyway :)
  3. Uros
    Dont understand that graph. I guess Pm3 has deeper lows and higher highs, but does not have the quantity that Meze has... that is why Pm3 is more natural. Did I get that right?
  4. FastAndClean
    you got that right
  5. phthora
    Man, those Meze roll off like they're open... Seriously, that's more bass roll-off than the HD650.

    Check out the THD+N on the Meze, and you will discover why EQ can't fix that sub-bass.

    Compare that to the THD+N on the Oppo's and you can understand why they take to EQ so well.

    You can EQ the PM3 into some serious bass monsters, without distorting the hell of out them in the process. Dynamic drivers have their charm, but I'll take planar bass just about every time.
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  6. vincanity84
    Hello to everyone :)))

    I just ordered these today. My question would be, can I enjoy these cans with galaxy S5, or I need to buy AMP, and if so, what that one should be? I am in for a DFR or Ha2 SE like many others as I can see. I know that Ha2 SE should be better, BUT, how MUCH is the difference? I dont like carrying to much stuff on my commute to work, and also don't like the battery in that oppo AMP. So I would rather buy DFR if, ONLY IF, the difference is not that big? Or maybe to go with DFB because it has more bass for modern house or pop music?
  7. FastAndClean
    DFR is your dac
  8. Charlie Norwood
    I've been enjoying Sonarworks True-Fi mac app. Nice preloaded curve that brings a lot out of the PM-3. Not sure if it's worth $59USD price tag as you can get similar results with free software (soundsiphon+hostingAU on a mac) but it does work really well and takes no time to set up.

    You can adjust the bass curve up to +9db, which I obviously have done. The highs can be raised as well.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 11.39.00 AM.png
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  9. Shane D
    I finally got my own pair of PM3'S! I got them last week (used) and have been playing them with my iFi Micro iCAN SE ever since. My Meze Classics have spoiled me a bit and so I have been using XBoost for some bass boost and a little bit of 3D.

    Nice clean sound. Looking forward to lots more listening. I will have to try them more unamped to better compare to the Meze.

    Shane D
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  10. big_scot_nanny

    Sorry, just listening to the PM-3s for the first time at my desk with church bells ringing outside, fans blowing nearby and workers grinding metal on the street below. Nice isolation Oppo, very nice. Hoocha mamma, these are damn fine.

    Not fancy source material, just max quality iTunes music through iPhone SE. Listening to Bon Iver 22-a million, DJ Shadow, Rolling Stones sticky fingers, Daphni Fabriclive, bit of everything really.

    Just fabulous. Oh, so clear, so wide, everything is there from highs to lows. Everything. No mush, no splash, no booms. Phwoooaaaar! :)

    I find it hard to believe anyone needs more bass than this.

    Purchased them today along with a wee FiiO A3 amp. The amp, in low gain, with no bass boost, just tightens up the bass a tad, maybe gives a little more space to the rest, very nice.

    You have all been tremendously informative in this thread and forum overall, thank you.

    Maybe a bit of background in case relevant for anyone else. I love music, but not an audiofile by any means. Was in a band for a number of years up in Aberdeen Scotland, and still love making, watching live, and listening to all kinds of music.

    Last week my Parrot Zik 3s were stolen, and I needed a replacement. I travel a lot, great deal of flying, but have struggled with noise cancelling phones as the poor sound quality really bugs me and noise cancelling really gives me a headache after a while. I have been through Etymotic ER4Ps (still have them, 15yrs old, still sound good but too painful to use for long, plus the yucky ear wax issue), then pretty much in order since 2012 and serious international travel kicked in: Beats Executive wireless NC, Senn Momentums, Senn M2 wireless NC, Bose QC25s, Beats Studio 3, Parrot Zik 3...and recently demoed QC35s and Sony WH-1000xd2s.

    Out of all of those, and kind of in the middle of using and finding annoying NC headsets, I had the Senn momentum’s. I enjoyed them the most as the sound was most real, but my goodness those first gen ones were uncomfortable on my ears, when they were really supposed to be over my ears.

    Trying further iterations of NC phones had led to no satisfaction. And so i found myself today, after some intense reasearch, buying the Oppos on sight.

    PM-3s are the champ. The reviews were right. Shut up and take my money :)
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  11. good sound
  12. FastAndClean
    glad you like them, they are my favorite mid forward cans of all time
  13. FastAndClean
    That is the king IMG_20171011_182043.jpg
  14. big_scot_nanny
    And now listening to Beck ‘Morning’ - weeping with joy :)
  15. Sound Eq
    so many oppo pm3 for sale in the forum, what is the deal of why so many are for sale, is oppo coming out with a new headphone
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