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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. gortman
    I received unit #4 from rarrior and the last couple of days have been trying to squeeze in listening sessions when I can.  So far I like the sound signature although the PM-3s aren't quite as satisfying overall as the HE-400i.  Taking into account that they are closed and portable, however, the OPPOs are very impressive.
  2. vdgraaf
    I'm interested in the loaner program!  I agree to the terms and conditions.
    I hope the canadians get more action:)
  3. norepeat
    Here is my impression of unit 3:
    Out of all the closed head phones that I have heard (M50x, 280pro, 380pro, hp150, 553pro, srh940, M2,dj100pro,MPC), PM3 is most neutral and slightly boring when playing it straight without any EQ.  Sound is warm & slightly muffled. Bass and treble are both extended but very modest.  Midtone (voice) band is warm, balanced, not as full bodied nor very bright, and mixes in with instruments.  Overall without EQ, the sound is just 5-10% better than the next best (my sound taste, yours maybe different).  I wish voice can be more forward,  fuller bodied, and a slower roll-off for the treble to give sounds more detail.
    PM3 is the easiest phone to EQ.  Maybe it is because it is very neutral and maybe it is because it is more linear?  After increase a few dBs at lower end of voice band (300Hz-400Hz) and few dB at 5KHz and 7KHz, PM3 sounds great.   Neutral, forward voice, detail and no longer muffling.
    The major problem for me is PM3's relatively small ear pad.  My ear is large and PM3 sits right at edges of my ear.  It's semi-on-ear instead of over the ear for me.  The pad itself is soft and comfortable.  However, after 3 songs, earpads pressing on ears start getting hot and uncomfortable.  That's a real shame because I was ready to purchase one and earpad is holding me back.
  4. Turbo AL
    Please sign me up for the OPPO PM-3 loaner program.  I agree to Terms and Conditions.  AL
  5. norepeat
    Unit #3 left post office yesterday to next person in line.
  6. Dustin B
    I got Canada Unit 2 today.
  7. ultraman31
    Sign Me Up!! I agree to the terms and conditions!
  8. tompaz909
    Sorry cancel that, turns out a friend of mine has a set I can try out.
  9. GraydonCreed
    Sounds great! I agree to the terms and conditions
  10. KewlMunky
    I would like to sign up for the loaner program. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. polecrab
    Just received unit 1 today and had a chance to play around with it for about an hour and a half. Here are my initial impressions.
    Build quality is excellent, very solid and durable feeling, with a touch of luxury. Earpads are soft and comfortable, and I was easily able to keep it on for an hour without any complaints. However, they don't fully go around my ears so they fit kind of like hybrid on-ear/around-ears. Also, the pad covering the drivers touches my ears. I have big ears and a big head though. But if I had designed this headphone, I would have made the earpads slightly taller, wider, and deeper.
    Plugging it into my iPhone 6 and listening to lossy files from my collection as well as lossless music from the Tidal app, I enjoyed it from the get-go. I found the sound to be likable, laid-back, and neutral to slightly warm in tone, with a polite top end, maybe slightly recessed midrange (vocals), slightly warm upper low end, and just right low end (not too boosted and not too anemic with nice extension).
    After a few songs to get used to it, I then plugged my Senn HD600 into my wife's identical iPhone 6 and tried to level match the two as closely as I could by ear (of course the PM3 is a lot more sensitive than the HD600). Then I switched back and forth between the two on identical material. This gave me a lot more insight into the sound. The PM3 definitely has a slightly thicker tone, especially in the upper and lower bass. However, much of this might be due to the PM3 being closed and the HD600 being open. But strangely, even though the PM3 has more bass and is slightly warmer overall, the HD600 sounded more substantial to me, like there were real voices and real instruments in the room, whereas the PM3 seemed a little more artificial sounding and almost tinny by comparison. Maybe it's because the HD600 midrange is stronger and more realistic. I don't know if the HD600 has an unnatural boost in the midrange while the PM3 is more neutral, or if the HD600 has a more natural midrange and the PM3 has an unnaturally shelved midrange. However, I know that the HD600 midrange sounds better to me, making voices sound stronger and realer, and making percussive snaps more authentic. And the open HD600 has wider, larger imaging, which adds to the musical realism. Also, the treble on the HD600 sounds just a touch more refined and airy than the PM3's more subdued and polite treble, although I bet the HD600 is a little peakier on the upper range.
    So based on an hour's worth of listening, I prefer my old HD600 over the PM3, even though the PM3 has deeper and tighter bass and I appreciate the sound isolation. I don't have any closed headphones around to compare the PM3 to unfortunately. The only closed headphones I've owned in the past are the AKG K553, K271 MKii, and Senn HD280, and based on my fallible memory, the PM3 is much better than any of those, being more neutral and open sounding and more refined. So, if I wanted to get a closed headphone to complement my open HD600, I would definitely consider the PM3, although I would need to compare it with some of the competitors in the marketplace.
    I haven't tested it with my Oppo HA-1 amp yet, though. However, I would guess that the amp would cause the HD600 to sound even better and not make as much of a difference with the PM3, creating an even bigger gap between them in my perception, but this is only a guess. If the results turn out differently, I may post a follow up.
    Keep in mind that these are just one person's opinions and I'm not a headphone hobbyist at all. Once I find a piece of equipment that I love, I tend to just stick with that one thing and keep it for like 10 years or more, and not clutter up my situation with multiple headphones for the sake of variety. So maybe I'm just really used to my HD600 sound. YMMV.
  12. Dustin B
    Canada Unit 2 was shipped today.
  13. gortman
    Forgot to mention that I shipped out US Unit 4 on Monday.  Looks like it will be delivered to the next lucky auditioner tomorrow.
  14. headhog
    I'm interested in trying the PM3! 
    I agree to the terms and conditions.
  15. ChickenWaffles
    I shipped out unit 8 yesterday, gonna miss those 'phones.
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