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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. judzillah
    I'm interested in participating, and agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
  2. chazb11
    While I was impressed with many aspects of the PM-3 I had to conclude that they just are not for me. The deal breaker was the size. My somewhat large ears would not fit inside the pads without stuffing them in there, which became uncomfortable very quickly. Trying to wear them as an on-the-ear headphone was also uncomfortable after 10 minutes or so. If your ears fit into the pads you will likely find them quite comfortable as the pads are very soft and subtle.
    A few other thoughts...
    they absolutely reek of quality as soon as you open the box
    the highs have a certain sparkle that is very pleasing
    vocals are spot on IMO...really outstanding!
    bass response is a little weak to my ear (and I'm no basshead)
    busier parts of the music where several instruments and/or vocals are competing can get congested, and at high volumes even distorted.(By "high volumes" I mean volumes you normally would not listen to. I have partial hearing loss and listen at louder levels than I imagine most of you would)
    Thanks for including me in the loaner program, They are off to the next person on the list.
  3. onitafmw55
    Like to try. I agree to terms and conditions. Thanks
  4. k4rstar
    What is going on with Canada unit #2?
  5. bavinck

    Relax, your turn is coming.
  6. harpo1
    I'm interested in participating and agree to the terms and conditions.  Looking for a good closed back and love the planar sound.  Thanks for your consideration.
  7. speedracer3000
    Oppo should include the HA-2 as part of the loaner program.  HA-2 takes the already great PM-3 to the next level and improves the bass and separation, plus added treble sparkle, smooth velvety mids, more spatial airiness, expanded soundstage, you name it.   It's almost a crime to listen to the PM-3 alone without the HA-2.  
  8. Dustin B
    Quote (terms):
    Quote (2 weeks 6 days ago):

    But the more important question is do you still feel the unit has an imbalance between the channels?
  9. morinu
    I sent unit #3 to the next person!! Enjoy [​IMG]!!!!
  10. darckhart
    I just received unit #1. All contents accounted for. Very swank looking box! 
    my chain looks like CDDA Oppo DV970HD -> coax -> Audiogd DAC19-DSP -> Audioquest Blue Racer copper -> 15 band stereo equalizer -> DH Labs Silversonic BL-1 -> Audiogd C2 -> headphones
    Listening to Pink Floyd and comparing against my tried and true Grado SR-225 & HF-2 which each have a few thousand hours of use.
    The treble on the PM-3 is a bit funky and the bass doesn't feel quite right, but I've only listened for 30 min so far.
  11. Doovid
    Hello, Im new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself!  My name is Doovid (Dave) and Ive recently retired from over 30 years of US government service. 
    HiFI has been one of my varied interests for many years.  As time has passed and Ive become more capable of upgrading and investing in higher end  audio products, I've expanded my equipment to take on the more refined (and costly) head gear. Im now ready to experiment with better headphones!
    I've had numerous and various headphones, but have never really experienced top end.  After researching this and other forums,websites and information sources, Ive narrowed my selection down to just a few choices.  The OPPO PM-3 is one of those, so of course, i'd like to sign up for the loaner program!!  I agree to the terms and conditions.
  12. fungd92
    I'm interested in the loaner program!  I agree to the terms and conditions.
  13. Sophonax
    I'm also interested in participating in the loaner program.  I agree to the terms and conditions.  Thanks!
  14. The_Terminator
    I'm interested in participating in this loaner program. I agree to the terms and conditions.
    Thank you!
  15. jamesp
    I'm interested in participating, and agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
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