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Oppo HA-2 SE

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by blacklwf, Oct 3, 2016.
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  1. Ryland Johnson
    What smartphone are you using?

    In answer to your second paragraph you are correct. I am not sure what you mean in your first paragraph though?

    I tried the Teac with the iPhone 8+ late last night just while the Oppo was charging. Dear oh dear, I did NOT expect the much less expensive Teac to sound anywhere near as decent as the Oppo. Wrong. That Teac is simply superb. No need for the base boost and the warmth of sound is staggering, not boomey but crystal clear and so informative. Different sound production to the Oppo that tends to be more analytical even though again simply superb. After 12 months searching for the one set up I now have two! So typical eh.

    Neither the Teac nor the Oppo work via OTG with the Note, The note tries to charge both the DAC's? I am waiting for the cable to fix this situation.

  2. dmt
    fixed the problem, nevermind.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  3. RiseFall123

    It's enough to drive well my HD650?

    This dac amp seem perfect to pair to my iphone and tidal?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  4. Ryland Johnson

    I also use the Sennheiser HD 650 and enjoy the portable sound. To achieve the best possible from the Senn's however one would need to use a home amplification-DAC system. Nothing 'wrong' with the portable system its very good indeed.

    I find what is much more important is the source. Not easy to find a good source for classical music. Again, all about compromises as usual!

  5. radiocalm
    I am considering purchasing the ha2se for portable use with my iPhone. I have the mojo and love it but with the cck it’s not portable like I believe the ha2se would be. Anyways, could anyone recommend a good usb to lightning cable that is short in length to stack the ha2se on top of my iPhone? I’ve heard the one that comes with it cuts out.
  6. brad713
    What did you do to fix out of curiosity? I also am having the same problems with iPhone X ios 11 with a different dac. Just wondering if it might be the same issue.
  7. howdy
    They have nice right angled ones on Amazon for around 6 bucks.
  8. purehifi192
    Yes. The one with the HA2SE cuts out on mine especially when on the go. I use the regular iPhone cable. Yes it's long, but it doesn't cut out. Maybe Apple has a shorter version.
  9. howdy
    Ive never had any issues with the Zeskit on Amazon. They are $16 now
  10. purehifi192
    Was referring to the cable that comes with the Oppo.
  11. RojasTKD
    I think he just meant the Zeskit cable was a good alternative.
    howdy likes this.
  12. Ryland Johnson
    Anker. Amazon.de. Amazon.uk etc

    Works fine for me but so does the one in the box. The reason I use the Anker cable more is its less stiff and slightly longer. I find the one in the box is too short and places strain on both end connections. Anker make quality products.

  13. dmt
    Actually it didnt' get fixed, I tried replacing the cable with the one included in the iPhone X package, and that worked for like a few minutes, but no, back to skips in the audio and nothing has been able to get it fixed afterwards.

    So yeah, we are still having problems here with the iPhone X! Anybody else here?
  14. Ryland Johnson

    Hi. I am not an Apple basher. I do think the X is in Beta form and considering its the most expensive mass produced mobile on the market I think Apple should have not yet released the X until all its teething problems have been sorted. Never ever seen so many owners returning their X for the 8 or 8 plus? With time and certainly by the second iteration, ie Xs, I would hope the majority of present X problems would have been sorted out.

  15. radiocalm
    Thanks all for the advice on cables from everyone, lots of good ideas. I have another question... are people having troubles with this on iPhones with the newest version of iOS? Or is it just with the iPhone X? I have an iPhone 7 Plus and my sole reason for getting a ha2se is to run it off my phone. I do have the latest version of iOS on my phone and I’m not a super tech kind of guy so I don’t want to have to mess with stuff, I just want to plug it in and open tidal Hifi and go. Am I going to have issues? Thanks in advance for any help.
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