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Oppo HA-2 SE

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by blacklwf, Oct 3, 2016.
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  1. Ryland Johnson
    This is getting absurd. Can't find a DAP I like so have just purchased an iPhone!
    I hope to goodness this Oppo plays nicely with Apple devices if it doesn't you will hear me shouting profanities from here!
    Now I need to purchase the Oppo HA2 SE. What a performance! My own fault. I should have taken my own advice that I have been dishing out for years that being do research months before purchasing.
    I have gone from Oppo-Note 8 to A&K DAP and now on iPhone-Oppo when I can purchase one. Been one hell of a ride working through the plethora of options and what works with what and on what systems etc

    Phew, Ryland
  2. zek4u
    Popping sounds on my iPhone 6 and it would just cut off while using the Onkyo player app. I got Sony's latest DAP and couldn't be happier. Also use it as DAC feeding my V281 balanced.
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  3. Alson Chua
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new with DACs, recently decided to get a Oppo HA-2se to pair with my iphone 7 (Using Neplayer) after doing tons of reading on head-fi. One question, i keep hearing this hiss sound on the background.. my audio are all 24bit 96khz buy mostly on HDtracks/Hifitrack. Funny thing is.. some audio has lesser hiss and some audio has more hiss (especially with classical/acoustic/instrumental).

    now im wondering.. is my dac problem or its the audio problem? and pairing with computer (Using Foobar) the hiss seems noticeable lesser.. can someone enlighten me is actually normal the have the hiss/piakpiak/or whatever its call noise?
  4. erich6
    You shouldn’t hear a hiss unless it’s in the original recording. Maybe there’s a gain setting in Neplayer? Are you using hypersensitive IEMs?
  5. Alson Chua
    Im using AKG N40. some albums are clearly lesser and some albums have more with every instrument played. At first I thought was NePlayer issue so I tried on OnkyoHF also same.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  6. Alson Chua
    funny i tried on computer same track i max volume i couldnt find the hiss.. could it be the OTG cable?
  7. Ryland Johnson
    After the reply I received from Oppo UK yesterday informing me there is a problem with non Oppo cables and the correct cable is for sale from Oppo uk at some silly price, not to mention P+P, I have cancelled my order for the Oppo.
    I am very disappointed with Oppo. It is clear Oppo have known about the charging problem for a long time and have still not rectified this by adding a cable in the box. To that end I have zero intention of paying another 30.00€ (inc P+P) for a cable that should come with the already expensive Oppo sold at 399.00€.

    I found an absolute bargain on Amazon.es. The Teac HA-P50-SE for 146.71€ including P+P! On the German Amazon its still listed at 299.00€ PLUS P+P! I snapped the offer up from Amazon.es.

    Enough of this nonsense with Oppo already. Lovely product let down by their company's behaviour over a connection cable.

    I suspect that no end of users don't even know their mobile is charging the Oppo and think its just 'normal' heavy device battery usage?

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
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  8. RojasTKD
    What are the odds there will be some kind of Black Friday deal on the HA-2SE this year?
  9. dmt

    Just got a new iPhone X and with that running IOS 11.1 there seems to be dropouts in sound with the Oppo. I have previously owned an iPhone 6 without any problems whatsoever.

    Anything to be done about this?
    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  10. cnotts6
    Hi All - hoping for some help!

    I've recently invested in an Oppo HA2SE to drive my oppo pm-3 when I'm on the go (source LG G4 phone & Tidal HiFi).

    I have had no problem getting sound to work through the USB OTG connections and the amp is definitely operational as the volume output is significantly higher than when directly connecting the headphones to the phone. However I haven't noticed any improvement in the sound quality via the external DAC as compared to the phones onboard option - I'd even go as far as to argue it's potentially inferior as it seems to get muddy at high volumes.

    So my question is - how can I be sure that I am relying purely on the external DAC and that I'm not just using it as an expensive portable amp (I'm suspicious that the phone's DAC is pre-converting the signal before sending out).... I have tried doing USB OTG diagnostics which say that my phone is USB OTG ready but when the HA2SE is connected, it doesn't seem to be recognised by my phone. Should I get some kind of notification when I plug it in? I don't get any.....

    Maybe that's a stupid question but I had to ask!

  11. RojasTKD
    If it outputting via USB it should be a straight digital signal to the external DAC for it to do the conversion. The internal DAC is bypassed completely.
  12. cnotts6
    Right, that's what I thought.

    Theoretically this means if I ran Tidal Hifi through the HA2SE to the same headphones from 2 different source phones (LG G4 as before and an iPhone 5) they should sound exactly the same right? Digital signal into DAC, converted and output the same way....

    Problem is it doesn't sound the same, there's just something crisper about the sound coming through when the source is the iPhone vs the G4. Especially in the low end & on vocals which as I mentioned before just seem a touch muddy from the G4.

    Is it possible the digital signal coming out the G4 is lower res somehow? Is there any way for me to check that?

    I'd much prefer to use the G4 as my daily driver (mainly because iPhone is my work phone and I won't get away with streaming a load of data through it!) but I don't want to sacrifice sound quality....
  13. RojasTKD
    I've aways wondered about that, and assumed the digital source shouldn't matter, in theory. But who knows what other factors might be at play. Noisier USB output? I don't really know
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  14. Ryland Johnson
    Mmm, This is complex. I am not new to the world of home HiFi, far from it. I am rather new to the world of portable sound though.
    I am in a similar boat to yourself. I have spent 12 months trying to find a portable sound I can live with, tried the Pioneer DAP at its full price and returned it. Some month ago tried it again at a quater its original price still returned it despite it being a very nice DAP especially at its present price.
    I then started to think about adding a portable DAC-Amp to my Note 8. Problems. Both the Oppo HA2 SE also the Teac HA-P50SE (also its Onkyo bother) do NOT behave well with some android smart phones namely those with USB-C? Problems are varied but one of them is the DAC's are charged by the smartphone! This runs the battery down on the mobile phone fast.
    Got in touch with Oppo who have known about this dilemma for many months (read the numerous threads on this forum about this situation) and the answer they have is to charge customers for the correct cable plus P+P!
    Thought about another DAP from A&K only to find they are very limited in where one finds ones music to play eg, the Pioneer directly linked with all Android sources so one could play music from numerous sources, not the case with the A&K so back to the drawing board.

    I now have the Apple 8+ with the Oppo HA-2-SE also the Teack HA-P50SE that I managed to purchase from Amazon.es for just over 130.00€ when it retails in Germany for nearly 300.00€. Neither behave with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as the mobile charges the DAC but with the Apple iPhone 8+ they both perform perfectly in terms of powering correctly BUT the Oppo with the iPhone does have these odd cut outs?

    I am able to write that using the Teac-Onkyo software (costs an extra 10.00€) the iPhone-Oppo plays superbly and does power my range of head gear including the Sennheiser 650D also the 598 plus other sennheisers both on ear, around ear and in ear.
    Now with the Sennheiser 650's I didn't expect the Oppo to drive them at all well considering they are 300ohm impedance, no worries, though they will obviously sound 'different' when played via home amp-DAC. I have now reached my 'smile factor' satisfaction so will start to enjoy the music at last.

  15. RojasTKD
    Could the player being used be sending a slightly different sound signature? Is it the same player, player version, player settings and/or EQ? Or maybe the two devices output different formats, bit rates, resolution?

    Also don't the Android and iPhone devices have two different inputs? Android plugs into the MicroUSB port while iOS devices plug into the USB-A port? That's what I understand (I don't yet have a HA-2 or HA-2 SE.
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