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  1. Zodler
    I just got HA-2SE. I wanted to install the driver on Windows 10. On their site they have 2 drivers, one is a later one for recent windows 10 versions. So naturally I tried that second file. I have bitdefender total security and during installation it blocked not only the installation but also 38 other files from my legitimate software were blocked and deleted. A nightmare. Nothing happened like that before. After restoring, I tried the first driver and things are working now.

    Question, on windows I get 192 Khz max in the windows audio settings. Is this normal? The product is advertised as having 384 kHz PCM.

    Also it would have been great if you could see on the DAC the sample rate it is playing.
  2. Ryland Johnson
    I have just ordered this and now read its mainly for Apple devices? Will the amp and DAC work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

    Much obliged for any help. Many thanks.

  3. ekrauss
    The HA-2 is not mainly for Apple devices. It works perfectly with Android devices—the DAC and the amp.
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  4. Ryland Johnson
    Thank you for your kind reply. I am going crazy, its now 02.32am here and I have spent hours trying to resolve another problem I read about. Apparently the Oppo HA 2 does NOT connect and play with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 USB-C? What happens is the Note 8 charges the Oppo!! I am chasing my tail here. The last thing I want is to receive the Oppo in the post next week and find I cant use it. OTG problem or something. HELPPPP.

    Is there a cable or connector that does the trick? I don't use ebay but do use all the Amazon outlets in Europe.

    Any advise from you guys and gals would again be so much appreciated.

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  5. ekrauss
    The HA-2 works with any Android OTG capable device. Maybe the Galaxy Note 8 is not OTG capable?

    I suggest you consult the HA-2 manual which is acavailable from Oppo’s website.

    I can look into this a little more deeply and see what Oppo has to say. In the meantime, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet! :wink:
  6. Ryland Johnson
    The Oppo HA 2 and HA 2 SE does not play nicely with Android devices that have a USB-C connection. The Mobile ends up charging the Oppo?!
    Oppo have been aware of this situation for many months and now sell to the public in the UK a cable that fixes this oddity. I don't live in the UK and cannot purchase such a cable from other sellers. To me, owning the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with its USB-C connection the Oppo is a paper weight. Most unfortunate as I truly want the Oppo.
    Thank you for you reply though.

    This situation is very well documented here on this very forum. Some poor owners have purchased 10 cables with no joy? Any fixes appear unsatisfactory and only temporary at best. That's not a situation I value with devices costing this amount of money.

  7. Ryland Johnson
    Like you I don't credit what I read period no matter where I read it however, there are dozens and dozens of threads on this very forum that outline this problem going back many months. The situation is also known to Oppo, one member here posted the reply he received from Oppo.
    It appears new mobiles with USB-C connection are having some problems in that the mobile charges the Oppo?! This is of course unacceptable. I have cancelled my order with the third party seller on Amazon until Oppo resolve this situation by supplying a cable in the box.

    Regards, Ryland
  8. ekrauss
    I’m not so sure that this is “known to Oppo,” nor do I know whether this is a widespread problem. I am in a tiny bit better position than most people here to get an answer. (I mean that seriously—I am in a little bit better position to get information, but not a whole heck of a lot better). I’ll let you know what I find out.
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  9. Ryland Johnson
    Hi, in one of the threads on this massive forum a member copied and printed the reply he received from Oppo UK stating they now sold a cable to rectify this situation. The price of the cable was listed also P+P. To that end Oppo certainly are aware of this problem.

    I use the term wide spread as Samsung et al have sold many millions of flag ship mobiles with USB-C connections. To that end it would be a wide spread problem. I don't claim to understand the problem, I only learned about it here. I then did a small amount of research and for sure many mobile owners mobiles are charging the Oppo rather than the other way around. Amazon.us are selling an adaptor to prevent this happening but its not for sale on any of the EU Amazon sites?
    I really wanted this DAC-Amp. Very sad to have cancelled it. Now back to the drawing board and looking at the A&K AK70 or AK70 MK11. Both dedicated DAP's Not what I wanted but............

    Would be kind of you to investigate further and let us know what you find, Thank you.

  10. ekrauss
    Understood about Oppo UK, but that correspondence is from customer service. I am going to try to dig a little deeper.
  11. davegrendon
    I and others have been posting in the Cayin N3 thread about the issue of the HA2SE drawing power from the N3. I also have the Shanling M1 with same issue. I don't use the HA2SE very much because of this and considering selling it and repurchasing a Chord Mojo. I think Oppo need to make a micro USB to USB c cable that works.
  12. ekrauss
    Understood. Bear in mind that it could be user error, too, as the HA-2 is designed to act as a rechargeable power bank. By “user error,” I don’t mean that the user has done something dumb, but has unwittingly dove the wrong thing or used the wrong equipment. I will attempt to get some clarity on this.
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  13. davegrendon
    Sorry this is nothing to do with user error it's the HA2SE charging from a host device that has a USB C interface including some Android smartphones, it's becoming a major pain for many users.
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  14. Ryland Johnson
    Thank goodness for this forum. I am a newbie to DAP and portable DAC-Amps. I have only used topnotch home HiFi and that is my 'comfort zone'. The world of portable music is a minefield with its own complex jargon and numerous acronyms. I have had to use Google search dozens of times to find out what some posters are talking about. lol Perhaps I am just too old for this..(don't answer that!)

    I was amazed when I did just a little research into the Oppo HA2 and HA2 SE to discover the connection problems. I had one on order! I cancelled it and am pleased I did. I am not going to purchase a device that depletes the battery on my Note 8 when one of the Oppo's functions is sold as it can be used as a power bank! I agree with you that as Oppo know off this situation they should add a cable that fixes this phenomena. It should be plug and play.

    Now looking to alternatives for example a dedicated DAP.

    Regards, Ryland
  15. ekrauss
    I am just saying that it is a possibility as historically all kind of inaccurate things have been posted in this thread. I will investigate and get back to you.

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