Oppo HA-2 SE

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by blacklwf, Oct 3, 2016.
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  1. Tysun
    Yes, I can confirm Ha2SE sucks battery out of my USB C equipped phone (OnePlus 5 android 7.1.1)

    USB C → OTG cable → HA2SE → headphones.
    (Tried 2 OTG cables, same results).

  2. erich6
    Hey gang, I think I noted this in the HD6XX thread but for reference I'm finding the HA2-SE pairs very well with these headphones. Occasionally I have come close to not having enough headroom when listening to very quietly recorded classical music but otherwise the HA2-SE drives the HD6XX with plenty of authority on all my rock, blues, metal and jazz music.

    It's nice just to have one small and stylish DAC/Amp hooked to my laptop and for that to be all I need to enjoy excellent sound quality in my music. Perfect setup for Sunday morning in my living room or evenings at the hotel when on travel.
  3. Tysun
  4. Tysun
    "with plenty of authority" may be an overstatement because hd650/6xx are known to scale up with better driving gears. Yes they may be loud enough but it will not bring the best out of 6xx. Ifi idsd BL and Mojo will certainly do a better job in the realm of portable dac amp but at the same time they are also much more expensive comparatively.
  5. phiemon

    I connected the Oppo HA-2SE to my iPhone and Mac, but it is normal that it is recognized as "Oppo HA-2" and not as "...HA-2SE"?! :xf_eek:
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  6. Tysun
    Been answered multiple times before mate. Oppo's official reply to this issue is that this is due to both models utilize the same driver.
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  7. PaisleyBuddies
    I’m a new member and been reading with interest the info regarding the OPPO PM-3 & HA2SE.
    I’m about to spend some cash on a decent set of headphones for the first time and would appreciate some advice.
    Presently my portable music is on an old iPod, and I have concerns about the ability of that or my iphone SE driving the PM3’s sufficiently. I tested them in store and for me the sound on PM3’s was good, but had very limited volume.
    I THEN LOOKED AT HA2SE, but have concerns regards compatibility with my old iPod which only has a very old version of iOS.
    Any help regards how to get the most out of PM3’s for portable use would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance
  8. torifile
    Is the HA-2SE discontinued? I can’t find it new on their site anymore.
  9. howdy
    I just went to their site and see it.
  10. torifile
    I just see it refurbed.
  11. howdy
    That should be good news as maybe something new is coming soon. great price for the refurb however.
  12. torifile
  13. MXRaia
    Just asking current owners of the HA-2SE since I don't have one, but improvements would you like to see in a newer version?
  14. torifile
    My HA-2SE arrived today. I’m using it out of my iPhone x. The audio keeps cutting out. It’s not a streaming issue because the music is on device. It’s not an app problem because it happens in both iTunes and tidal. And it doesn’t happen with my mojo. I’ve tried a different cable and it’s still happening.

    Any thoughts?
  15. dmt
    Join the club, Ive had this problem ever since I got the X when it came out last year.

    i have just learned to live with it, from my experience, the audio cuts out less when the battery is around 60% or less. No amount of different apps, cables or anything seems to help with this issue. Just live with it unless there's some kind of firmware update or something....
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