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Official Survey - What’s your personality profile? Take our quiz!

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  1. Accoun
    I don't like how it says I'm a "gaming buff" and suggests me some wikis about mobile crap. :-/
  2. Lzingano
    And now for something completely different...

    You're a Food and Drink Buff

    Eat, drink, and be merry - that's your motto!

    You're a true foodie, obsessed with new flavours, tastes and experiences. You'd love nothing more than to be able to head off on a round the world trip, trying out what every country and culture has to offer your taste buds.

    You're curious, confident, and courageous when you need to be. You like to know how everything works, and love to take things apart to find out what makes them tick. People know better than to rush you for snap decisions - you need plenty of time for all your research. And when you do speak, they listen.



    It might be one of those generic surveys. it describes me quite accurately, however.
    jodgey4 likes this.
  3. bcschmerker4
    I completed the Survey at Quiz.VisualDNA.com and got a Tech Guru rating.  Visual DNA stretched that rating a bit; I've much yet to learn about fixing LinUX rigs on the software and drivers side.  And a lot more things (I'd say all fifteen shown) inspire me than the one the quiz program allowed.
    In reality, I'm a Tech Buff, Music Buff (working on Music Guru - I'm a student of the arts of arranging and orchestration, and a video producer in training, with a slice of patent/trademark/copyright researcher thrown in for good measure), and News Buff in one package. [​IMG]
  4. Folex
    The link doesn't work in opera browser. Strike 1. There was easily half the questions where none of the answers applied to me at all. Strike 2. The end result said I was a sport guru, strike 3. Overall a pretty flawed quiz.  I am also sure there is tons of copy write infringement going on. 
  5. Destroysall Contributor
  6. Xenophon
    I'm supposed to be a sports guru, the questions seem to be generated dynamically, didn't have the possibility to select any particular music genre.  Cost me 3 minutes of my life that could have been spent more productively brewing a latte  going out for a morning run :wink:
  7. Claritas

    Always wanted to use that little guy.
  8. b1e1n1ni
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Congratulations! Here are your results.

    You're a Music Addict

  9. deadlylover
    I'm a food and drink addict...
    Well, they got the second part right. [​IMG]
  10. Feilong4
    I guess it's slightly accurate.
  11. BB 808

    Congratulations! Here are your results.

    You're a Music Addict

    You're so close to your favourite act you can almost touch them!

    Whether it's Lady Gaga or Radio Gaga you love losing yourself in the fun, chaos and beauty of some live music and culture. You're always first to know when a new act has music out or a hot up and coming actor is about to open a new show.

    You love to get things done. You're practical, reliable, and don't let things get in your way. You like life to run really smoothly for you and all your friends and family. If they're happy, then you're happy too. And key to this happiness is knowing where you stand - you value facts, honesty and frank opinions.


  12. TeskR
    Gaming Addict,
    I would say that's fairly correct haha!
  13. LaPierre

    Not entirely wrong, but since I'm posting might as well ask anyone who sees this to PM me if they have Pokemon Y, I wanna friend people so I can get more friend safari options. :D Maybe trade Pokemon, too.
  14. Claritas
    Want to be "cultured"? Choose the prettiest pictures regardless of what they portray.
  15. dead99
    yay, music addict. I did miss the brony option at "how would you go to comic con"
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