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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. Saibastian

    That sounds perfect, exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you for the response. It really does seem like every other amp+dac combo I've tried either adds warmth or has killed highs, I figured that the Schitt stack is what would fit the bill for me and the headphones I own.
  2. tafens
    Any you could recommend?
  3. StanD
    For iOS, just a few:
    Onkyo HF Player - has a free version, easy to use EQ. Draw the EQ on screen, 11 bands. Paid version does hirez formats.
    Neutron Music Player - paid - Parametric EQ
    SmartEQ - paid - 10 band EQ
  4. dorino
    Oops - not worth posting.
  5. tafens
    Thanks, I'll check them out :)
  6. StanD
    Try Onkyo HF Player free first. No investment required.
  7. tafens
    Looks like a good start. SmartEQ seems to be free as well now, but has an in-app purchase to remove ads.
  8. BobSmith8901
    What kind of headphones are those? Is that some sort of aftermarket headband pad attached to it or is it part of the unit? I've been looking for something like that, not sure if that's part of the gear or you bought separately.
  9. Saibastian
    Looks like I got a modi coming in on monday. Now I just need to find someone that's selling a magni 2 and I'll be all set up!
  10. BobFiggins
    Looks like a T50RP, extra head padding, and different ear pads.
  11. liraop
    Modi 2 U just arrived. I'm getting used to it yet. I don't have an USB cable =T 
    I'm using macbookpro's optical out. I can hear the separation a little better (more air? maybe). 
    ---- forget what I said. I just changed in MIDI Controls the sampling rate to 192khz/24bit. Gosh, there's more detail and air!!! 
    I'm happy so far =) 

    Although I want to check out the difference through USB and Toslink
  12. nineohtoo
    I just received a pair of of the uber models, and while it sounds great through my mac mini, I'm getting bothered by the fact that the finish of the cases don't match. Anyone else have that? I know can be a little obsessive compulsive, but it's getting to me, probably as much if not more than the fact that the original versions were painted/powder coated :\
  13. 299792458
    In terms of finish, my Modi 2 Uber and Vali are identical.

    liraop: toslink and usb should be identical, bit for bit...?
  14. liraop
    Yes! Modi is slightly larger than magni2.
    I'm really loving the sound. Reverb effects and ambience is better. This is awesome! 
  15. nineohtoo
    Sorry, I wasn't suggesting the sizes are different. If they are, it seems negligible to me. My Magni though does have a more yellowed tint to it than my modi which seems noticeably more neutral. The brushed finish is visibly and physically smoother on the Modi than it is on the Magni as well. Does anyone know if this was as apparent with the Asgard and Bifrost?
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