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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. Holypal

    Why it wasn't mentioned much is because of the UI and design. It is the typical example of good engineering with bad UI. The first version used stainless steel as shell and weighted 390g. Now changed to aluminum, but still 220g. The UI is the reason I didn't keep it.

    But they're technically superior to many others. In 08MP, Musiland lab developed their own digital processor SuperDSP200, and also used a FPGA to help it. The 800mA amp chip SuperAMP100 is also developed by their own. They're good at engineering and have a lot of fans in China.

    I hope they can go further and make real hit in the future.
  2. Robstar
  3. Robstar
    Hey there do you think that the Benjie T6 is a good buy?
    I see there is one on Ali express for $50 USD
  4. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Yeah I mentioned the Musiland 08MP a while back, but its too expensive to take a gamble on as there is no PCB pics on show for me to analyze, and after weighing it up by looking at the insides of its little brother the 06 MX I decided I'm not a huge fan of Musilands design ethos, they stopped using FPGA processing in their daps actually, and SuperDSP200 is just marketing talk meaning they wrote their own software for digital processing, just like Aune, QLS,Soundaware, Zishan and Smart/Yin lu mei also do.. plus the 08MP is musilands first ever dap with a screen, bound to be rough around the edges in design, musiland specialise in sound cards and dacs. Apparently the 08MP uses a custom made opamp by musiland, interesting, but I'd rather a rollable opamp than a obscure opamp designed by a musiland.
  5. music4mhell
    Guys any other cheap DAP like AP60 which has USB audio out ? (I know Shanling M1)
  6. vapman
    As much as I am enticed by that giant brick player... I can't bring myself to drop 360 on a DAP with a junk UI [​IMG] which is probably my own loss if it sounds that good.
  7. Noloben
    Nope, actually, I've had both and I liked QA360 (well,  it was modded for me) more. So keep calm, you are losing nothing.
    BTW, it's not big at all. Here, compared to Fiio X5:
  8. Luiz Santana
    Hello guys, do know one any chinese DAP,s  that are better than Fiio X1 up to 120$? More are clear and loud? Thanks!
  9. notamethlab

    For $30 more you can get the zishan dsd which is a huge upgrade from the fiio x1.

    The xduoo x3 is also a good option.

    Shanling M1 is another.

    Maybe the hidiz ap60 is an upgrade.

    Even the benjie s5 paired with a good amp is nice option.
    Luiz Santana likes this.
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    Are you talking about the official mod from QLS? I have the QA360LE, it's a sweet sounding dap.
  11. Chirantan
    What's the best DAP under $25?
  12. crabdog
    There aren't a lot of options for that price but the Benjie S5 has received much praise here. There is also the Benjie X1 which looks really promising but as far as I know nobody commented on it yet.
    Also there's this one I've been looking at. It has Bluetooth but I've no idea what the hardware/sound is like:
  13. Chirantan
    Does the X1 or S5 have 24bit audio playback?
  14. chaiyuta
    No. Currently, you can not find any DAPs with 25$ supporting 192kHz/24bit yet.
  15. Chirantan
    Are there any cheap 24 bit audio DAPs? With good sound quality
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