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Obscure Chinese DAPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 26, 2014.
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  1. macky112
    I just re-read that post from howtotao and very confusing language, but yeah you are right:
    lithium batteries are OK when built into electronic devices
  2. macky112

    Did I missed your d200 vs Zishan review?
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I did give some more impressions somewhere, but not really a review, that previous comment sums it up, I'm kinda too lazy write in detail. Bottom line is D200 is more revealing, more neutral and balanced, a couple steps up in terms of cohesion and transparency. But it's UI really is not acceptable at it's price imo. Zishan is better value with better UI and more software features at less than half the price. The D200+ coming soon has a better cpu so UI should be more fluid to use hopefully.
  4. crabdog
  5. To.M
    Another one but again no support for streaming services, so still waiting for Benjie T8 :smiley:
  6. crabdog
    Don't hold your breath dude, T6 disappeared already.
  7. groucho69
    For those who may be interested:

    Mini XDUOO X3 HI-FI Music Player JZ4760B Chip 24bit/192khz HD format Audio Player Lossless Music Player Black for 2 pcs 128G Memory Card ( Item#: V1584B )

    Regular Price: US$139.99
    (41% OFF)
    Sale Ends in



  8. To.M

    I have trust in Benjie! :wink:
  9. crabdog
    I like the look of that new aigo but can't figure out why it costs so much.
    Edit: oh and I presume +volume button then the wheel to change volume...really wish they'd stop doing silly things like that.
  10. To.M
    Agree, xduoo x10 is a better option for this money.
  11. Mr Trev
    Like the scroll wheel. My mini-disc has one, works great and I could never figure out why nobody else tried that route
  12. notamethlab

    Just a head's up for anyone looking to buy an X3, I have 2 up for sale @$55 each in the classifieds.
  13. groucho69
    Now that's a better plan IMO
    notamethlab likes this.
  14. Thomas De Brito
    I don't see it
  15. crabdog
    hqssui likes this.
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