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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by joe bloggs, May 28, 2015.
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  1. bigshot
    If you think you've got old stuff covered, you don't know enough about old stuff! Every time I think I've heard everything, something else pops up. I like both old and new. I just focus on good.
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  2. Argyris Contributor
    It's always a thrill of discovery when I find something in my own collection that I never listened to before, or else tried but didn't initially care for, and end up absolutely loving it. I've bought a lot of albums just for one or two songs/performances, and sometimes it's ten years or more that the undiscovered gems slumber before being unearthed. So in a way, that's how I know for sure that I don't know enough about old stuff—if my own collection occasionally yields surprises, how much more is out there that I don't even know about?
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  3. james444 Contributor
    I've long ago abandoned hope of getting anything remotely *covered* when it comes to music, be it the older stuff or the plethora of new releases each year. Also, I forgot to mention that about half of my listening is dedicated to classical, of which I've bought not a single new release this year... simply because I'm still stuck with a huge backlog of older stuff.
  4. 71 dB
    The question is how many lifetimes would it take to get all stuff covered. So, I cover it worth one lifetime and that has to be enough.
  5. bigshot
    My goal is to have more music and movies on hand than I can ever watch. That way I never run out of new discoveries. I have already achieved that goal, but I won't admit it to myself because "too much is never enough".
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  6. bigshot
    Man! If you guys could see the comments and links I'm getting in PMs! Sound Science has a few regular posters, but there are lots of lurkers. Great stuff!
  7. pila405
    Share some links if it's interesting :)
    Scientific articles?
  8. bigshot
    The gossip is the most interesting stuff!
  9. Niouke
    I've listened to some Mannheim Steamroller tracks, I agree that having my head inside the percussions is not very pleasing at times. Besides that I find the melodies to be naive and childish, but it is still a fun listen for a while...
  10. bigshot
    The forum feels like championship wrestling lately. People seem to think that they can earn respect by posting on the internet. Amazing.
  11. Strangelove424
    I got an urge to listen to U2's "Sweetest Thing" today (yes, people still listen to U2)... when I put the song it started out with an awesome low pass/high pass filter to make it sound like played over distant radio. I thought to myself "I don't remember this part, but it sounds great!" and was expecting it to fade into the full fidelity sweetness of the song. I was really digging this intro till I realized my headphones weren't plugged into my laptop, and that was just the sound of my laptop speakers. Doh! It sounded so good though, I'm thinking of mixing my own version of the intro later today.
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