NZ Headphone Meet - Listen to the HE1 Orpheus on 06/03/18!

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  1. enragedlemon
    I for one would definitely be interested in seeing the science behind your reviews! Interestingly enough this event may happen before official stock of the X7 makes it to NZ so you may well be the only one who can demo it!
  2. ColossalKiwi
    I'm definitely still keen, and a weekend would most definitely be preferable, regardless of which one. Ultimately, it'd just be cool to just make this thing actually happen :L3000:
  3. DrLunaDjangoRex
    Just saw this thread. I'm new to this community but I'd be keen to have a meet up on a weekend. Any weekend apart from the 9/10 sept.
  4. Computer Lounge
    Sorry for the radio silence guys, Sennheiser came back to me saying that they wanting to do an exclusive event for the Orpheus HE:1, so that rules that out.

    I'm wanting to go ahead with this event, but I feel that the general consensus is that we want this event to be during the weekend?

    // Alex
  5. enragedlemon
    I think weekend would be most appropriate anyway. Given that I know that is often your busy day you can count on Leigh and I to be at the event to help facilitate so that should relieve some pressure.
  6. robthemac
    Agree with weekend. If I'm not working, will make the trip to Auckland.
  7. Yourmomm
    Has this idea died, or just fallen asleep? I'd be keen...

    Currently have Woo Audio WA2 (but would need to be quick, as it's on trade Me right now, about to be replaced by Eddie Current Zana Deux Super)...

    Replaced stolen Sennies HD800 with:

    Beyers DT1770pro
    Sennies HD600
    Mrspeakers Ether Flow (open)

    Would like to hear HD800s on the Eddie Current ZDS...

    Has @Computer Lounge ever considered accepting trade-ins, and selling them as secondhand gear? (with appropriate dealer markup). Seems to be a profitable model, elsewhere...
  8. Computer Lounge
    The idea hasn't died out entirely, it's just with the Armageddon weekend fast approaching, and all the preperation that surrounded our presence there, this idea had to go on the backburner.

    No that has been and gone, I can start to think about this Head-Fi meetup again :)

    I'll certainly keep the idea of selling second-hand gear in mind, though it is something that we have decided against doing with computer components.

    You'll hear from me soon!

    // Alex
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  9. robthemac
    Alex, I'm still keen as well with AKG K812 and LCD3.

    I'll tag you in another thread that you might be interested it...
  10. robthemac
    I would like to re-voice my support for this meet.
  11. ColossalKiwi
    Same here
  12. bobbyg1983
    Just checking in to say I’d be keen if anything comes together. Happy to being along Meze 99 Classics, HD650, Dragonfly Black, Valhalla 2 and Modi 2 Uber ... also planning to buy Bifrost Multibit in the next couple months. Also modest collection of vinyl if people are keen.
  13. Computer Lounge
    Glad to hear that you are all still interested in attending! This meet will definitely go ahead - I have just been patiently waiting for Sennheiser to confirm the dates that we will have their legendary HE1 Orpheus on demo in our showroom.
    At this stage it is looking like mid to late February.

    I plan to organise a reveal evening/headphone meet around the HE1 and you guys will be the first to know about it! :L3000:

    Keep an eye on this thread for more info!

    // Alex
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  14. bobbyg1983
    Wow, that would be amazing!! Would absolutely relish the opportunity to hear the Orpheus. Hopefully it wouldn’t ruin all future setups for me!

    I also saw your post about Schiit not responding to requests to become an NZ distributor. That’s a real shame, it would be excellent to have an in-country distributor, particularly one with a demo showroom.
  15. Computer Lounge
    I am beyond excited to listen to the Orpheus myself - I have been waiting way too long!

    It is a shame, but it unfortunately commonplace for audio companies to overlook New Zealand; they rarely put much effort into having proper representation here.

    With that being said, there are still plenty of companies that want to have their product available in our small corner of the world. We have a shipment of JDS Labs amplifiers and DACs on the way. I can't wait to be able to find out what everyone is raving about with the Objective line. The Element gets great reviews also!

    // Alex
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