NZ Headphone Meet - Listen to the HE1 Orpheus on 06/03/18!

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  1. Computer Lounge
    It really is a shame; it would be an awesome even if we can get ~30 attendees.
    I'll likely run some headphone deals at the event too, which is bound to generate a bit more interest :wink:

    It would be awesome if you could come Badas, by the looks of it you've got some pretty serious gear.
    I'm particularly interested in listening to the Ether C, do you have the closed, or open Ethers?

    I'll likely create a signup form over the next few days. I'm thinking about capping the max number of attendees, which should make the meet a bit more exclusive.

    // Alex
  2. Badas

    I have the open version Flow.

    I played with the Yggy last night. Yggy is all that.
  3. Computer Lounge
    I'm super jealous right now! I've emailed Schiit numerous times asking if we can become a reseller of their products, unfortunately I never hear back - It's a shame because it's probably one of the most requested audio brands for us!

    That Yggdrasil looks seriously impressive, I hope you can make it so that I can check it out :)

    // Alex
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  4. HelmetGuy
    Thanks for letting me know about this, Alex. I am definitely intending on coming.

    I can bring:

    Hifiman HE1000 v1
    Sennheiser HD800 and HD600
    Fostex TH-X00
    Schiit Mjolnir
    ECP Torpedo 1
    NAD M51

    And various digital sources.

    Is there any possibility of this happening on Saturday afternoon, say after Computer Lounge closes? Weeknights somewhat work for me but it'll be a mad dash from the office.
  5. robthemac

    I seem to remember you down-selling me from the HD800 to the K812. I always appreciated the honesty.
  6. Computer Lounge
    It looks like you've got quite the collection! I know someone in particular who would really appreciate the opportunity to listen to the HE1000s.
    Re: your request for having the meet on a Saturday; I'll definitely consider it, I might even see if I can put together a poll to see what date is most suitable.

    I still stand by that preference too! Although the new HD800 S has a much more listenable signature than the original HD800

    // Alex
  7. bayyls
    Hey just registering my interest. I've been a CL customer for a while, thats where I brought my se535s (I attended the demo evening), HD650's and Fiio E17K/K5, and pc parts of course.
    I'm interested in trying anything I can really. If people have the ear tips I'm more than happy to bring along my 535's and possibly the 650's if you don't have any display models out.
    Also I mentioned this to a friend and he would be keen to come as well.
  8. Computer Lounge
    It'll be awesome to have you and your friend come along! :)

    // Alex
  9. ColossalKiwi
    I'm keen. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be bringing just yet, but it may or may not include an A900X, HE-500, ZMF Blackwood, and an NFB-11, among other things.
  10. Computer Lounge
    An interesting linup!

    Man I am so looking forward to this :beyersmile:

    // Alex
  11. Edgard Varese
    As it turns out I'm going to be in Auckland from the 9th to the 12th of July, but my only availability may be outside of Computer Lounge's regular opening hours. :slight_frown:
  12. Computer Lounge
    Unfortunately we won't be able to have the meet in July as I'll be overseas :frowning2:
    The meet will definitely be in the evening, after the store closes.

    // Alex
  13. ☩ Cross
    Definitely interested. I'd love to go, if things line up my way. Went to CL just the other week to try LCD-X. Just a beginner enthusiast, with a HA-2se, Monolith M1060, B&O H6 2nd gen, a couple Japanese IEMs and a laptop :p
    Still, count me in, I'll bring 'em all :), maybe even a few enthusiast friends if I can.
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  14. Computer Lounge
    Awesome! I'd be great to have you, and your friends at the event. I actually picked up an Oppo HA-2SE while I was overseas, to power my Audeze SINEs, its been incredible :L3000:
    I've actually been on annual leave for the past 5 weeks, so I'm pretty out of touch, but I'll have a chat to Sennheiser tomorrow to see whether or not we can feature the Orpheus HE-1 at the meet, because if so, that may influence the date that I set for the evening.

    I'll keep everyone in the loop :)

    // Alex
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    I'd be keen - but it would have to be a weekend, and can't be weekend of 20/21 Aug (dual birthday - Wife and eldest boy). How soon would you know a prospective date?

    I have a lot of gear I can bring - mostly portable gear - including most of FiiO's DAPs (incl new X5iii and X7). My own HD800S. 64 Audio's U6 and U10, HiFiMan's RE2000 and RE800. Basically a lot of IEMs etc. If anyone was interested, I'd throw in my el-cheapo measurement system, and show you what I do for reviewing as well.
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