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NZ Headphone Meet - Listen to the HE1 Orpheus on 06/03/18!

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  1. Computer Lounge

    The head-fiers of New Zealand are asking... and we're prepared to answer.
    Lets gauge the level of interest for a headphone meet in the Computer Lounge showroom in Auckland, NZ!

    For those of you who haven't visited our store, we've got a decent selection of audio gear on display (check out our demo headphone inventory here), and could easily clear quite a bit of space, and organise some tables so that everyone can set up their gear.
    I'll be able to reach out to my connections in the industry (AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure etc.), and get their local reps to come along, maybe if I pull some strings I could get an HE1 Orpheus in for a few hours :L3000:

    Sennheiser have already confirmed that they are keen to contribute in some way, and once we can get an idea on how much interest this thread generates, I can approach the other vendors and see what they can bring to the show :beerchug:

    I'll be in away in Europe in July (hopefully visiting the Sennheiser factory in Hanover :)), so I'd rather plan this for August so that we can do it properly, as opposed to scrambling something together for a June meet.

    Disclaimer: The meet is not confirmed until a date has been set - we'll need to see significant interest (30+ attendees) to be able to put the wheels into motion.

    Update 14/02/18:


    Its official everyone - we're hosting a headphone meet in our Auckland based showroom on 06/03/18!

    We encourage you to bring your own gear, so that you can A/B with our demo headphones.

    If you are able to attend, please register your interest here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1764707377157627/

    See you all there!

    // Alex
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  2. ledestin
    Last year's meet gathered only 3 members, though more expressed interest.

    I'm considering spending winter out of the country, so I'm likely out.
  3. Computer Lounge
  4. Deano1974
    Im interested guys and i will orghanise some headphone demo units from beyerdynamic and will bring Toppings new dx7 balanced amplifier and some other amps

    Im Deano from Rapallo
  5. Computer Lounge
    Hi Deano!

    It'd be great to see you there - perhaps you can bring some Chord products?
    We've got a great selection of headphones, and I'm hoping to have all of the Beyer flagships on display - but we're always short on DACs.

    Fingers crossed we can round up a few more, and make this meet a reality :L3000:

    // Alex
  6. Deano1974
    Absolutely it will be an awesome event we just need the guys to spread the word, i think between us we can cover a lot of manufacturers
  7. Edgard Varese
    Interested, could possibly tee up a work meeting and get the trip paid for!
    Deano1974 likes this.
  8. Contrails
    Definitely interested. But won't be able to give a definite Yes or a No until early August. I work rostered shifts and is only planned 2 weeks in advance.
  9. Computer Lounge
    That's the way to do it! I hope we see you there!

    That's understandable mate; I'll hopefully be able to put a date on it within the next few weeks.

    // Alex
    Contrails likes this.
  10. zennoukinkai
    Very keen for this :)
    Wouldn't mind bringing my gear along this time either
  11. robthemac
    Very keen. Living in Whangarei. Could bring LCD-3 and AKG K-812 (purchased from the good folk at Computer Lounge).
  12. Computer Lounge
    Awesome! This is really starting to gain some traction, I might have to start up a tally in the original post :L3000:
    What gear do you have?

    Oooohhh... I've been wanting to listen to the K812s again, it has been at least a year since we last had a pair on demo - the extra body that they have over the HD800 makes them, in my opinion a much more pleasant headphone to listen to.

    // Alex
  13. Lyn Antony
    Definitely Keen to participate. Perfect opportunity to get a few of my audio enthusiast mates a go at some quality headphones.
  14. Computer Lounge
    Legend! If you could try and give us a rough idea of how many people you'll be bringing along that would be appreciated - just trying to get a rough idea of how many people are interested :thumbsup:

    // Alex
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  15. Badas
    I might come. However I organised last years and what a disappointment that was. Way too much time, $$'s and effort wasted. Put me down as a maybe. I've kinda been quiet around here lately. Slowly getting back to HP's now.

    I read in the other post that the Ether Flow was wanted. I have the open version. They take 200+ hours to break in. I've done this and boy does it gel now.

    Other equipment in my signature. I might have a Yaggy by then also.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
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