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New Head-Fier

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    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD650, Hi-FiMan RE-262, Audio Technica ATH-IM70, Audio Technica ATH-M50x

    Sennheiser HD595, Klipsch Image X10, NuForce NE-700X, NuForce NE-6, NuForce NE-7M
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Valhalla v2 (home), AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5 (mobile)

    Schiit Valhalla v1, Schiit Vali v1, iFi Nano iDSD, AudioQuest DragonFly v1.0, NuForce uDAC-2, NuForce Icon Mobile
    Source Inventory:
    Schiit Modi 2 Uber (4396), Oppo BDP-93, AudioQuest DragonFly Black v1.5, Sony PS4, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii U, Kindle Fire Stick

    iFi Nano iDSD, Musical Fidelity V-DAC, Rega P1 turntable (w/ glass platter), Arcam DiVA CD73
    Cable Inventory:
    Virtue Audio Nirvana interconnects, Virtue Audio Nirvana USB Cable, Virtue Audio Nirvana 3.5mm to RCA interconnect, Wireworld Supernova III+ glass toslink, Signal Cable SPDI/F digital coax, AudioQuest DragonTail USB, Signal Cable Analog 2 Interconnect, Emotiva X-Series interconnect, Emotiva X-Series HDMI, Canare 4S11 star-quad speaker cables
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Current amp: Arcam FMJ A19 integrated
    Current speakers: Kef LS50 (titanium grey limited edition)

    Previous amps: Emotiva UMC-1, Emotiva UPA-5, Arcam AVR300, Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated
    Previous speakers: av123 X-Statik, av123 X-Voce center, av123 MFW-15 subwoofer, Paradigm Studio 20 (v3) and CC-470 (v3), Paradigm Mini Monitors (v3) and CC-370 (v3), Paradigm PS1000 subwoofer
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