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Nordost Odin Mini to Mini cable. The real thing or not???

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by paul graham, May 6, 2013.
  1. Paul Graham
    Bought on eBay last year from same seller at same price.
    After a few conversations on another thread and now that I'm not the clueless Head-Fi'er I was back then, 
    I'm wondering is this the real thing or not.
    Obviously we may not be able to tell from these images but hey, Im up for suggestions...
    I'm genuinely curious & not looking to be slated.
    I've emailed the seller and not had a reply yet.
    Heres some pics - 
    Thank you for any help or advice given. [​IMG]
  2. mwindham08

    How to identify an unauthorized dealer or product?

    That's easy. All authorized dealers are listed in the Where To Buy section of the Nordost website (www.nordost.com) or you can enquire by calling +1 508 893 0100.

    When it comes to cables, all current Nordost products carry serial numbers and branded heat shrinks. If the serial numbers are missing or the cables carry unbranded heat shrink or RCA connectors then it's a clear indicator that they have been tampered with.

    In order to guarantee the performance of your Nordost cables - and to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a full warranty and manufacturer support - purchase only from authorised dealers.

  3. mwindham08
  4. Toxic Cables
    Google Nordost Odin, then compare the pictures of the actual wire, i suggest having a good look at the shape, pattern and size of the outer silver braid. Other then that, i am not allowed to comment any further.
  5. Matez
    I looks like a cheap DIY and im sure it has nothing to do with Nordost brand.
  6. Paul Graham
    Thank you chaps!
    Thank you Frank & Matthew for the quick replies.
    Hearing from you both is all I need to know really lol [​IMG]
    Had a hunch it would be fake!
    & Thanks Windham for the info, 
  7. Xymordos
    Definitely fake. There are truck loads of fake Nordost cables in Chinese Ebay, so I'm pretty sure a few  got put on the real Ebay by sellers.

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