Noble Audio - Introducing KAISER ENCORE and SAGE

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  1. cleg
    My impressions on Kaiser Encore

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  2. dpump
  3. baradona
    Is anyone able to offer a short comparison of K10 Encore v Django? I'm sorry if my search skills have failed me - I can't find anything anywhere on the internet!
  4. Whazzzup
    zup encore peoples
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  5. Painterspal
    Just picked up a pair of these, having convinced myself that high end IEMs are my preferred long term listening option.

    Everything said about the look and feel of these is spot on and the packaging etc is great. There's just one thing, NONE of the enclosed tips fit me, NONE!!!! So having spent 1p shy of £1,700 the first evening with my new Noble's was soundless - a seriously downbeat start. The weird thing is I don't think I have unusual ears and have had no trouble getting a decent fit with my other IEMs, most recently my Westone W60s, where the second largest foam tips (the red ones) worked fine.

    Complys ordered, now just have to wait...
  6. Steen Pihl
    Congratulations on your new Noble's! Ear-tips are very important and my advice is that you patiently try all sorts of tips. Comply's are great, but take out some of the "air"! Silicone bring out better low-end and so on! Take time to make sure that you have placed the Noble's right! You will be rewarded!
  7. Painterspal
    Many thanks for the excellent advice. I'll be sure to try out all the alternatives I can find that look worth a shot.

    Day two has been a much better day. The Complys arrived in the post and, better still, they provide a decent seal. So I had a chance to try the Nobles over lunch, driven by my Questyle QP1R. Started with a couple of familiar favourites and my jaw pretty much immediately hit the floor. These are seriously impressive straight out of the box. Needless to say I need more time for serious testing but so far I'm thinking that I may have found what I'm looking for.

    Thanks to all for the useful and insightful reviews guys.
  8. harmonix
    Does anyone know if it requires a break in period and if so how long? Also I'm finding the trebles just a little aggressive and little bit of listening fatigue over extended periods (also depends on recording). What cables are people using on this... I've actually ordered of a DHC 8 strand TRRS 4.4mm.
    Anyone have this combo?
  9. noobandroid
    i suppose BA is less prone to change from burn ins, and on the cable side i use ares 2+ from effect audio
  10. harmonix
    Really Weird. At almost 300 hours the treble fatigue and aggressiveness seems to be gone.
  11. noobandroid
    my suggestion would be you getting acquainted enough with the sound so you dont feel the significance anymore

    try laying off the IEM a week or so and get back to it, you will return your perspectives (maybe)
  12. harmonix
    No it wasn't there up to 250-260 hours then came in now it's gone. The only other difference was then I switched it off and played from cold start versus now it has been on overnight... Anyways
  13. ostewart
  14. kertong
    Went a little overboard on a Tokyo shopping trip during vacay.

    Ended up splurging on these noble kaiser encore's - originally went into e-earphone to pick up the CA andromedas (which aren't actually cheaper in JP; with tax free and exchange rate its about the same price as buying direct from CA); but made the mistake of listening to the kaiser encore's which they had on demo and yeah...

    One quick ask - anyone have any recommendations on a good 2.5mm trrs cable for the noble 2pin? Would prefer thin silver pliable cable with small connectors - love the thin silver cable it came with but want it terminated/cabled with 2.5mm trrs. Got a nobunaga labs 2.5mm silver plated trrs 2pin cable, but the right earpiece connector was *so* difficult to push in.. when I went back to the stock noble cable, it went into the right earpiece super easily - i'm afraid the NL cable connectors loosened up the fittings :frowning2: that, plus the cable was thick and rigid, with the connector sticking up way high and cutting out on audio if pushed on it wrong... made me lose confidence in the nobunaga labs cable completely so I'm back on the stock thin cable.

    All that aside, these IEMs are fantastic. Effortless and cohesive comes to mind. Lot of space around instruments. When A/B'ing against the andromedas, the midrange is what won me over decisively. Listening to rachmaninov's cello sonata in DSD (andrei korobeinikov and johannes moser), the cello blew me away. different rendition of song here:

    Jawdroppingly good on the kaiser encores. I was sold instantly, despite the sticker shock!

  15. FullCircle
    Thanks for the comments
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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