Noble Audio - Introducing KAISER ENCORE and SAGE

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  1. glassmonkey
    Gisele's good people. Glad you got yourself a set. They are truly excellent.
  2. Barndoor

    Indeed they are. Truely loving them.
    Only problem is I'm now wondering if my Colorfly C4 is holding them back - must resist the purchase of a shiny new DAP!
  3. glassmonkey
    I'm using the Aune M1S, it's a player with extraordinary value at $249, and if you are rocking a C4, the operating system probably won't bug you much. I found the Encores to hiss on many sources. They don't hiss on the M1S. They also didn't hiss on the Cayin i5, but that sound is a bit warmer. Guess it all depends on what you like.
  4. Barndoor
    They hiss a bit on the C4, however got round that by using a 75ohm 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter that I have for my Etymotyic ER4 (the C4 has a 1/4 inch jack socket).
    Have you tried any of the A&K or cowon daps with them?
    My son has recently got the Cayin N3 as his first DAP. Over on the N3 thread there is talk that the N3 isn't far behind the i5. To me the C4 is a lot better than the N3, so maybe it isn't holding the encore back.
  5. FullCircle
    No hiss with the cowon p1 or onkyo dpx
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  6. Whazzzup
    Cant here anything but black in the black with hugo
  7. TurbinePro
    Getting my pair tomorrow in the mail. Pumped.
  8. Whazzzup
    well I finally got my silver litz sp type 4, 8 braid from DHC made by peter for my encore and I'm kinda surprised on a few fronts. First I only have done one A/B because the two prong connectors make me nervous, I would prefer to not plug and unplug these things that much, feels like i could bend, break them at some point and don't want to find out. Here are some picks for the groovy satchel, id, and the comparison to stock. 

    for the test the system is iMac 5 k 384 fr 32 bit>audio quest jitterbug> audio quest cinnamon modified for hugo> chord hugo> DHC sp v3 8 braid> encore.
    first off the stock cable sounds fine and if your not a cable guy like myself with money to burn, be happy. But this cable did do things that i didn't expect, being my first silver iem cable. My previous experience was copper silver fusion from DHC. The SP silver brought it bigger and fuller. Forget this silver sounds like stuff, better cables just bring the experience up. The clarity is a fact but the mids just got a bit more intense to me, and that is where the magic happens with these encores. Course the bass isn't to shabby either and after picking out a dozen well recorded tunes from different genres, they make a fine team indeed. 
    well happy with the rig and will eventually test with the iPhone cck to hugo as a portable but this sets the stage to a great IEM. thanks noble, thanks DHC thanks Chord. bravo. Some hours should also help the cable experience so I'm getting at it. Cheers
  9. RamblerBoy
    Did any of you guys compare it with the jh audio lola?
    Would be great to hear some comparisons involving bass/mids/treble.

    Do you guys know of a more open iem with clearer mids with sparkly extended treble and sub bass focus rather than mid bass.

    I am a guy whole loves se846 but at the same time do not find it apt for hard rock or metal because its mids sound too smooth and soft for hard rock and its treble sounds plastic like while i want something that sounds like sparkly steel.

    Please help me.
  10. Whazzzup

    I enjoy encore more than my 846. Now the 846 is NOT any slouch but the mids are better in encore, the bass is a bit more intense, but its different. the 846 can show subtly sub bass while the encore provides more a wall of bass ( given the tune that demands a strong bass) the highs I never understand so what i will flat out just say. I get encore my wife now gets my 846
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  11. Barndoor

    Thanks, spotted a deal on an open box cowon p1 and couldn't resist. Looking forward to hearing with the Encore.
  12. Stillhart
    I finally got a chance to hear the Encore at Canjam and I was duly impressed.  It felt like it sat in the sweet spot between the snappy Katana and fun K10.  I had a hard time picking which I liked best between the two, but now I don't have to.  The Encore has the best of both worlds IMHO.  I might have to get one of these...
  13. Watagump
    I was floored by the Katana, I am a huge fan of clarity. Katana has that in droves.
  14. Stillhart
    Yeah, the clarity is the strength of the Katana for sure, but compared to the K10 it feels a little... dry.  The K10 is a lot more fun but it loses out on a lot of clarity compared to the Katana.  Encore seems to sit right in the middle to my ears... much of the clarity of the Katana and the fun of the K10 without sacrificing too much of each.
  15. Neo Zuko
    With the Noble Kaiser Encore's sound signature should I get the Sony WM1A (said to be more neutral) or WM1Z (said to be a tad warmer)?
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