Noble Audio - Introducing KAISER ENCORE and SAGE

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  1. Hisoundfi Contributor
    The secret sauce of the Encore is the airiness and separation. This combined with the tuning makes them sound incredibly spacious and natural to my ears. 
    I don't need to turn them up to enjoy them. I can listen to them all day long at a moderate volume. They are a masterpiece IMHO.
    They really nailed it in terms of sound and ergonomics. 
    I do wish they came with a second microphone and remote cable or bluetooth lanyard, but at the end of the these are things I can buy aftermarket. 
  2. bryanjh25
    Finally I got my Kaiser Encore after two months. What a gorgeous design! Thank you Wizard!
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  3. WayneWoondirts
    I just published my review of the magnificent Encore. Hope you guys like it.

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  4. FullCircle
    That cross grain cut matrix face plate is just crazy.
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  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
  6. Rotten Apple
    Those are a beautiful pair of customs. I have the K10u which I purchased less than a year ago. The encore series was released shortly after. I am very pleased with the purchase. Great sound. A pleasure to listen to whether it be with my Chord Mojo or at home with my Neo Moon AMP/DAC. Nothing that I have purchased to date matches their sound. But the encores, from what I have read is a different beast. Moreover the Wizard designs prove to be out of this world. June is coming up soon and I know that a new pair is due for the family. All the best to the Noble family as I am a new member here.
  7. nick97
    I need your help guys, I have the campfire audio Vega in ear and audeze lcd-x over ears. I'm thinking of selling them both for a custom pair of encores. I don't care about in-ear vs. Over ear I only care about pure sound quality and I want to know if these are really end game headphones. Love to get your thoughts
  8. Whazzzup
    Does this game ever end?
  9. NickL33
    I guess best is you have to try the encore out, as the sound is different from vega.....
  10. RamblerBoy
    This thread is moving very slow.
    Hii! Does any of you feel that i would be able to steer clear of the shure se846's mid bass bump that makes it sound muddy and bloated with some tracks if i switch over to the encore?
  11. Whazzzup
    Yes, I switched. The bass is a bit different with encore, a high wall as it were as opposed to a wide moat. But with encore no mud or bloat
  12. jscmd2000
    I think you will find that the encores are more refined and more suitable for listening to classical and jazz. If you like loud music with thumping base that rumbles, you will prefer the 846s. I actually bought a pair of 846s and IE800s at the same time and ended up returning the 846s, probably because I listen to classical more than half of the time. The encores will give you smaller packages but impressive imaging and separation, which is very impressive for an iem. You may want to keep your 846s for fun... I have a pair of Z1R for my bass head needs once in a while and for rocking out.
  13. RamblerBoy
    Thank you guys... i am still getting a somewhat clear picture... regarding the mid bass.. guess i will search more on it
  14. Dean Lim
    Hope to get customs on black friday
  15. dpump
    Last year Noble had a sale to mark the Wizards birthday, which I think is July 1st. Watch for it this year as I had a hint it may happen again. 15% to 20% off retail.
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