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No sound using Foobar2000 with either Modi Multibit or SDAC (CTH+SDAC)...

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by bogginhead, Aug 9, 2019.
  1. bogginhead
    I don't know or understand what has happened, but I get no sound using any type of output. This change just happened within the past two days. I do get sound using any other music player (Windows Media Player, MPC, VLC, etc) but I have a huge music library and pretty much prefer Foobar if possible. Any ideas on how to fix this mess?
  2. Dawnrazor
    If you havent already why not uninstall foobar and reinstall?
  3. bogginhead
    Well, I have a couple of times now and made sure I removed all prior configurations as well..
  4. Roseval
    As WMP plays, the audio of the PC seems to work

    In Foobar try Preferences > Playback > Output
    Choose the system default for output
  5. bogginhead
    I'll give it a shot and let me know, man. I did download AIMP last night and it works just fine as well, but I'd much rather have Foobar working and I just cannot afford JRiver at the moment.

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