1. H

    How do I play DSD256 files on Fiio K3?

    I got the FiiO K3 (the new model) , it can play dsd64 and dsd128 audio files with Foobar2000 just fine, but I get a playback error "Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 705600 Hz / 32-bit / 2 channels" for DSD256 files. Screenshots of my configuration. Any ideas what may...
  2. theaudiologist1

    Downmixing 5.1 to stereo reduces dynamic range?

    So I downmixed one of my albums that were 5.1 to stereo. The original 5.1 version had a dynamic range of 11-13 using TT Dynamic Range meter. However, when I downmixed them, the stereo versions had a dynamic range of only 6-8. Is this normal or is my downmixing software (foobar) bad at downmixing?
  3. T

    UPnP with UAPP through 4G and Remote Networks

    Recently, I've come across a problem with UAPP (USB Audio Pro Player) namely I cannot establish a connection with my media server which is being streamed through UPnP on foobar2000 from my pc when using a different network such as 4G and or other Wi-Fi networks. With foobar2000 on android it is...
  4. AlanHell

    Foobar2000 input file and output PCM comparision?

    I have seen many forms that claim to have an "optimized" version of foobar for better sound. Or have a "optimized OS" for music playback. In order to know that the "optimization" is not done via some EQ buried deep-down in the process, I'd like to seek some method to compare the raw PCM of a...
  5. bogginhead

    No sound using Foobar2000 with either Modi Multibit or SDAC (CTH+SDAC)...

    I don't know or understand what has happened, but I get no sound using any type of output. This change just happened within the past two days. I do get sound using any other music player (Windows Media Player, MPC, VLC, etc) but I have a huge music library and pretty much prefer Foobar if...
  6. Mistafishman

    Fiio Q1 MKII & foobar2000 DSD Help

    This is my first post so if I do something wrong, I apologize in advance. I recently just purchased a Fiio Q1 MKII and noticed that it supported DSD so I thought I would try it out because I could notice a large difference the first time I heard a SACD. I downloaded a Santana album from...
  7. AthenaZephyrian

    Share your DMP (digital music player) screenshots!

  8. AthenaZephyrian

    Powerful de-clipper/dynamic range decompressor VST plugin (foobar compatible)

    Found a plugin you guys may find interesting. Search (ctrl+f) "relife" on the page. Use it with foorbar's VST adapter, and set it to 3-peak mode. It seems to improve layering a lot, and reduces some of the roughness in vocals caused by dynamic range compression (instrumentals crowding in on...
  9. AthenaZephyrian

    Foobar won't output >16bit

    Hey all. I have a DAC capable of 32 bit, DSD-enabled audio, but Foobar refuses to let me do more than 16 bit, even with FLAC files I know qare 24 or 32 bit. I've also tried it with my other DAC, which is 24-bit capable, with the same results. Tries ASIO as well, hoping this would change it...
  10. theaudiologist

    Questions regarding audio on linux

    hi, i have just installed linux (Nitrux OS, based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma) on my mac 2 weeks ago. the first few weeks i was getting the basics fixed. now i want to set up the audio side of linux. i have some questions: 1)what's the best linux music player sound-quality wise (please DO NOT...
  11. Krellefdenmark

    How do I make Marantz HD-DAC1 show that it plays DSD?

    Hello. I am the owner of a Marantz HD-DAC1, which supports up to DSD 5.6Mhz. I am using it to output music from my desktop PC. I have purchased an album from in order to test out the DSD-capabilities, and I am using Foobar2000 as the media player. I have installed and set up the...
  12. gaiastar

    Audirvana 3 and windows alternative ,help

    hi under macos ,i use Audirvana 3 and the output is really amazing i 'm not sure, maybe are my ears ,but it sounds better then other players is it true? are their encoder/decoders? and is there a windows alternative ? i use foobar ,but it doesn't play like Audirvana 3 thanks