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NHT will introduce superbuds

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  1. WNBC
    There was no code in my package for the app.  Was it on a slip of paper?
  2. WNBC
    Also turned out that I got an email shipping notice on 12/9/14 of shipment via USPS Parcel Post.  But buds didn't ship until 12/15/14, but they bumped it up to First Class and arrived on 12/19/14.
    Initial impressions positive after a couple minutes of listening.  They are not polite.  They will rock.  Will see if the bass tightens up after burn-in as wood1030 indicates.  The fit is good for my ears.  
    My first NHT product, and I've always heard good things about their speakers.
  3. wood1030

    The code is in the form of a web link that's on the 3rd page of ur instruction pamphlet
  4. WNBC
    Thanks for the image. Mine didn't come with a pamphlet.

    EDIT: Found it. It was underneath the NHT sticker. The sticker was bottom side up which is just beige with no writing so I thought it was liner paper for the box.

  5. wood1030
    Check inside the box again. Mine was inside on the bottom of the box...it may be hard to notice, but I'd bet it's there. :)
  6. WNBC
    Are people enjoying their NHT Superbuds?  I'm digging them.  I don't own bassy IEMs but I am definitely getting my fix with these.  At $50 for early purchasers and $99 now, the Superbuds are very good buys.  
  7. alv4426
    I'm kinda meh on them but for $50 is worth it.
  8. WNBC
    At first I was the same.  Then more recently I started enjoying them more.  Mechanical or brain burn-in.  Take a pick :)
  9. Rat Salad
    I liked em.. but the kid saw em, so i do not get to use em anymore  
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