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NHT will introduce superbuds

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  1. gikigill
    Thanks mate, will see what we can do.
  2. doublea71

    It really is, yet I've had stuff that is much heavier sent to me from America for much less. I think that's their way of making the discount moot, at least for international customers. Not cool!
  3. Rat Salad
    Doubt that is NHT trying to make the discount go away for international customers, usually more customers is good. These guys have always been fair.. the fedex software is pumping out that number..
  4. elnero
    For $50 I figured it might be worth a try but not when it's going to cost $68 for shipping to Canada!
    UPS Standard is quite a bit cheaper at $33 but Standard is also the method that they charge their ridiculous "brokerage" fees so I'd expect that number to be at the very least doubled after it gets to the door, not to mention there would be taxes and very likely handling charges on top of all these shipping charges. That's just insane!
  5. WNBC
    Surprised that reviewers have not been sent their copies to evaluate.  Barely a peep or buzz out there.  Well, review or no review, I'm on board.  I was in the market for another $50 IEM.  
  6. wood1030
    I've already put in an order for one pair, (at the discounted price) and now i'm thinking maybe i should order a second pair, before the special introductory price expires...give it away as a xmas present or something, or just keep them as a spare if I really like them [​IMG]
  7. roughington
    The part about the latex ear pieces scares me because I would hate the thought of someone assuming they are silicone and putting them in protentially giving them an in-ear rash
  8. roughington
    Well the superbuds now have a review up on their site but it just says they are really good for the price range
  9. alv4426
    Anyone get an ETA yet?
  10. wood1030
    Nothing yet. I've been checking my email hourly, the last few days, for a shipping comfirmation. So far, not a word. :frowning2:
  11. WNBC
    Just received this email about the delay.  This hobby is full of waiting and missed deadlines, but usually worth the wait.
    Dear Insiders,
    We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new SuperBuds, and with good reason (they're fantastic)! And of course many of you already have yours on order.
    We were expecting to have these ready to ship to customers by the end of October, but we received word that this will move to mid-November, sometime before Thanksgiving (probably the week of the 17th). We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.
    Yours truly,
  12. wood1030

    Yeah, I got it too. Talk about a buzzkill. I was all exciited when I saw the email from NHT about the Superbuds, thinking it was going to be about shipping confirmation or something, only to have my expectations crushed about the news of a delay [​IMG]
    Hopefully they'll ship b4 Thanksgiving. 
  13. alv4426
    I haven't received any email yet but im already wondering if I can cancel.
  14. alv4426
    Any news yet?
  15. roughington
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