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Nexus 5x and 6p sound quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visanj, Oct 19, 2015.
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  1. Fredrik23
    Does anyone else have problems with playback when connected to a dac? 
    I recently bought a new usb c to mini b cable to connect my 6p to JDS labs c5d (same cable as I have had previously), and now my music stops every 5min when I am connected... I am using Spotify in offline mode and have read that it used to be a problem, but its completely fine when I run headphones straight from the phone[​IMG]
    I am really lost and would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. slackerpo
    can anyone comment on a direct comparison of SQ between the Nexus 6p and the HTC M8?
    i can't find direct comparisons anywhere! :frowning2:
  3. yfei
    HTC M8 - nothing special, just like other phones, e.g. Samsung S6.
    Nexus 6P  (After March 2016)   HiFi grade,     much better than iPhones, Samsungs, HTCs, other Huaweis,  other Nexus...
    I haven't tried Oppo, Vivo, LG G10.  Hope they can be better than Nexus 6P, because I think there are many areas of 6P's sound can still be improved.
  4. LunaTechMark
    I'd just like to chime in with my experience. I have both the LG G4 and the Nexus 6P. And I can confidently say that right off the bat the Nexus didn't sound as good as the G4. I don't enjoy music nearly as much as I did with the G4, but it's something I can live with for now during my commutes. I've already got a Fiio X1 on the way so can't wait for that.
  5. Eschaton
    Must have been a very late fix for the phone if you're not noticing sound quality problem.  Mine was manufactured 2-23-16, and it sounds pretty rubbish compared to my Nexus 5.  Not 5x, just 5.  There's a very quiet hiss on the 6P, some tones in my favorite electronic tunes sound like they've had an extra distortion filter applied, and this on cheap IEMs used for exercise, backpacking, and work.  
    My 6P is markedly less clear, dynamics are muddy and bass is LESS present compared to N5 using same IEMs, and compared to Senheiser HD 550s + Fiio E11, which shouldn't be possible given the rolled off bass on those cans.  It's not just that I like lows, the 6P isn't accurately reproducing the music.  
    I actually just came here after plugging in the IEMs to it for the first time, expecting to be impressed or at least content as I was with the N5.  I immediately went and found the old N5 and went between each comparing multiple songs.  No idea what the graphs will look like, can't tell you what part of the frequency response got botched, but something is wrong with 6P prior to March.  Oh, and I got mine directly from Google May 15th, so if you're ordering today, you might not be out of the clear.
    This is assuming they've actually fixed something in the March manufactures, and that there isn't just a common manufacturing defect hitting a lot of us.
  6. NGS11
    My 6p sounds great even via BT but where do you get the manufacturing date from?   Overall it sounds better than iphone 6 plus and much better than the Nexus 4.
  7. slackerpo
    yeah ill test that when my westone bluetooth cable arrives.
  8. Knack

    Just wanted to weigh in. I have a 6p and an iPhone 6. By an extremely wide margin, the iPhone is better. In fact, I wanted to switch to Android from iOS, so I bought the 6p. When I discovered the 6p could not drive my Sennheiser Momentums properly, I was pissed. I tried every other IEM / can I have, and I can conclusively say that it does not put out enough power, and the DAC itself is fiendishly low quality. The iPhone sounds better no matter the measure: bass tightness, treble clarity, soundstage (this in particular), and volume. I have since stopped using the 6p, and sound quality was a large factor.
  9. greenflash
    Sadly, I have to second this opinion. I never used an iPhone but I did have an iPod Touch (which I sold, to my regret) and it performed much better than the Nexus 6P. The problem for me with the 6P is mainly, power, as stated above. So I paired it with a Q1 amp, but as I did not get the proper USB C adapter, I am using via analog connection. Problem, is, too heavy a set to carry around. 
    I also bought an X1 which is awesome (except for that horrible wheel) but it lacks the Spotify connection I love so much.
    So I am still thinking about getting the K1 to connect directly to my 6P.. Thing is I can't find a SHORT MICRO USB TO USB-C CABLE that I can buy internationally and that is tested with the 6P.. Can you guys help?
    Else I'll have to think for the next time about an iPhone 6 (doh) or an LG V20 or even a V10. 
  10. slackerpo
    iphone performance is good, and you can easily argue how much better than the 6p is. and you can probably win the argument everytime.
    luckily you can use something like a dragonfly from audioquest to make things better (if you got those 200 bucks to spare)
    as you stated cables are transitioning right now, i suggest you get a standard otg usb type c adapter
    , and you plug it to a male usb a to micro usb adapter like this one:
    at list that is what im using to drive my c5d (but with a male a to mini usb adapter). and it works great. cheers.
  11. greenflash
    Thanks a lot slackerpo, I'll try to find that here too. You're right. I can't spend that much money on another device now so I might get away with this. 
    I might take the plunge and try this one too (short and direct connection): 
  12. slackerpo
  13. greenflash
    Oh fool me. I skipped that part. Anyway, I didn't order it, but bought instead a similar one locally, by "spigen". So, I guess it won't work :frowning2: Well gonna try it anyway.
    My options down here are few.. Can't find the cables you mention (for now at  least). I spotted this one below but they say "it's not OTG, although you can connect your pen drive with it (?)"
    I'm back at square zero.. I'll check all options again, thanks!
  14. slackerpo

    as far as i know, you wont be able to use your external dac/amp without an OTG cable.
    greenflash likes this.
  15. greenflash
    I might give this a try then.. Trying to confirm if at least anyone used it with Nexus 6P. I can get this one locallly and worst case I would use it as 
    OTG storage:
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