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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. biggbenn74
    This is just my opinion:

    As long as Yamaha didn't steal any patents from Dre, or take Dres headphones and put their name on it, Yamaha should be left alone. I suppose that Dre got too afraid that the Yamaha would out perform, and out sell his product, so the first reaction: lawsuit. I'm personally pulling for Yamaha on this one, and I hope they can come to a good agreement throughout the entire process.

    Think what you want though. :)
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  2. LizardKing1
    You're thinking like an audiophile, which is far from Beats' market. Yamaha can't outsell Beats because they lack what makes Beats sell: publicity from rappers and pop singers. It would hardly matter if the Yamahas were the best in their class sound-wise, this would only appeal to a niche.
    In my guess, Beats sued them because it's an outright provocation. I really don't care much about Yamaha, although like I said as long as they don't copy the B logo and have their clearly showing, they aren't copying anything.
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  3. Koerhijo
    While those do look similar, I believe it's a good step. By 'stealing' Beats customers due to looks, perhaps those customers will also realize the sound quality being better and then, MAYBE, they'll become better educated on good quality sound overall. Maybe.. maybe people will stop buying headphones due to looks entirely and other not as 'hip' headphones will get more business.
  4. steffanan
    yeah, that's like the 50th company to make headphones that look JUST like the beats.
  5. Arkyle
    They have a point here. I don't get why Yamaha resorted to that; they are a serious company that doesn't need that kind of rip-off. I heard they sound way better than beats (not that it is something hard to accomplish). 
  6. Arkyle
    But there's a huge difference. We are talking about YAMAHA here, not some new company made specifically to steal others' designs. 
  7. BloodyPenguin Contributor
  8. pokpokgei
    anyone know the sound signature of these?
  9. SpiderNhan
    I had a quick listen at B&H Photo and I thought they sounded nice. My reference headphones are the V-Moda M-100s and I thought the clarity was comparable with the M-100s having an edge in detail retrieval. The 500s have a mid-bass hump, which is not surprising given their aesthetics, and the bass has plenty of slam although it's not as tight or controlled as the M-100s, but bass is definitely the defining sound frequency. The mids were forward and more pronounced than the M-100, which have been criticized for having a "laid-back" or "recessed" midrange. The last thing I'm going to comment on is its soundstage which is on par for closed circumaurals. It is noticeably not as wide was the M-100 and more of a "in your head" kind of feel.
    This is just from a quick listen and I only used one song so take this with a grain of salt.
  10. goodvibes
    I thought the same until a saw this.
    That's clearly trading on the Beats dime.
    Honestly this argument is pointless. Beats haven't even patented their design fwir
  12. Mshenay
    here's a nice though to. I'm not 100% of the validity of this statement. But apprently Monster Cable [the ppl who where behind Beats] had over 53% of all headphones Sales in the Us in 2012. Again not to sure how true that it but... based on what i see around me it makes sense.
    Which is terribly because I remember when EVERYONE had Sony's or Koss's or Philips, Yahama ect... ect... so -.- I really do hope Monster Loses... they push there "trendy" products on an ignorant market... but I suppose if those consumers don't care for sound [which there r many ppl like that] no big deal.
    Still I had a neat conversation with a young gal yesterday. She's says to me "why spend $300 on Beats when I can get a purse for that much, I don't even use headphones every day"... which impressed upon my how "stylish" Monster Cable products are [even though they sound pretty terribad] I guess for some that "300" purse is a pair of beats around your neck! 
    So... I hope the lose but I doubt they will. 
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  13. Armaegis
    Well for that crowd, who needs headphones when they can blast the tiny piercing speaker on their iphones?
  14. Steve Eddy
    Beats has 11 design patents covering a number of headphone, ear bud, loudspeaker and transmitter box designs.
    Again, these are design patents, not utility patents. They only cover "looks," not functionality.
  15. Steve Eddy
    Monster already lost. Beats (a completely separate company) owns all of the intellectual property.
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