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NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Feb 14, 2013.
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  1. TheGame21x
    Normally, I love taking the side of the other guys whenever Beats sues someone but Yamaha was asking for it with that clear rip off and marketing design.
  2. earfonia
    This happen when people cares more of the appearance than the sound :frowning2:
    I guess when they sound the same, using same driver, but difference appearance, no one will care to file a lawsuit... :wink:
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  3. Craigster75
    IMO, much bigger difference between Soul/Beats compared to Yamaha/Beats.  Some obvious differences include starkly different color choices, quilted padding under headband and cup design.
  4. Arkyle
    That's the problem when dealing with that kind of design (pivoting sleek drivers on the band). Unless they do something substancial they are pretty much alike (like Denon's new flagship).
  5. pokpokgei
    lol using the same driver but different appearance and slightly different tuning?
    imagine how that will turn out with the actual OEM of most products being some unknown OEM in China. then all the rights should go to these unknown OEMs? 

    the world is a scary place if you look/trace things down to their roots/source and the "objectivity" that is practised on the surface in society. but this isnt a thread to discuss that, so.. :) 
  6. pokpokgei
    interesting of yamaha to be able to tune a punchier bass than the m100 and yet still retain a more forward mid than the m100.
  7. catspaw
    I doubt that we will be able to come to any reasonable answer to this dispute. We are a niche of higly informed users with high expentancy of the products we purchase.
    Beats are Yamahas are not directed towards this sort of crowd, but to a crowd that buys based on impulses (80% of the human population).
    This is why we are "the lucky ones", when it comes to sound, as we get our moneys worth.
    Lucky for me, im the same in Computers, and my main passion is gaming/music.
    Unfortunatelly, this means normal people who want to not get scammed (i belive selling a cheap overpriced product is a form of scam), a decent amount of information has to be gathered before any purchase.
    This is ..... bs...
    This is for example, something i belive is happening also with the gaming industry almost since 2009.
    From times of crysis, dead space 1 , witcher 1 and gears of war, to call of duty-like games.
    Seems like people have such a huge need to spend their money, that no matter what they are offered they will buy it.
    Well, i better stop here cus im going off-topic with something that simply pisses me off.
  8. SpiderNhan
    It could be my source. My M-80s do the same thing. There seems to be more mid-bass "slam" on the M-80s, yet the bass doesn't extend as deep as the M-100s or is as detailed or controlled. I went back yesterday and had a bit more time to play with the Pro 500s and they have a similar sound signature to the M-100s. I was wrong about the sound stage. They are actually on par with one another. For now I say they are like M-100s with more mid-bass, more pronounced mids, and with less comfortable earcups.
  9. Craigster75

    These are some interesting tradeoffs.  Since sound comparisons might be off topic here but are very interesting, would you mind posting on the M-100 and/or PRO 500 threads?
  10. pokpokgei
    sounds like a total upgrade over the M-100s.
    i dont have much experience with forward mids having own only a handful of IEMs but 1 issue i had with forward mids in a recent IEM i purchased.
    i noticed that forward mids give me more intimacy as vocals are nearer but it also limits the amount of volume i can increase, quite significantly and seems to fatigue listening more easier especially if i am listening over a couple of hours continuously even if i am already listening at low volumes. not sure if this is a universal encounter with others too.
  11. Mshenay
    Preach it brother! 
  12. Techno Kid
    Monster and Beats aren't business partners anymore, this is Dre's own company know.
  13. JuanseAmador

    Actually, these (http://www.amazon.com/Shure-SRH240A-Professional-Quality-Headphones/dp/B002DP594W/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1361579755&sr=8-5&keywords=shure+srh+440) came out in 2004.
  14. jude Administrator
    JuanseAmador, I know that it says that in the Amazon entry, in the "Date first available at Amazon.com" field, but that date looks like an error to me. If you look at the date of the first review for that product on Amazon, it's in 2009. And the first post anywhere revealing pricing of the SRH240, SRH440, and SRH840 was on April 20, 2009, on Head-Fi--I know because I made that post (and I remember because I announced it a day before the prices were announced by Shure at NAB that year).
    Here's Shure's press release on one of the wires, dated July 20, 2009...
    ...and the release on Shure's website...
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