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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. wastan
    I broke down and ordered one via Aliexpress. With the store coupon and a 3$ aliexpress coupon (you can get them via the app) I got the price down to $26 and change. Too sweet to pass up.
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    New Opamps waiting to arrive: LM6172IN, LT1364CN8, JRC5532DD, OPA2604AP (Burr Brown), NE5532AN (Thailand stamp), NE5532N (Philips) - Maybe a duplicate?
  3. Frederick Wang
    DSD 256 and ISO files work fine through USB DAC mode. 
    Waiting for my new 128G TF card to arrive, everything so far looks promising. [​IMG] 
  4. musicday
    Wonderful, that's great news.
    The most affordable DSD portable music player ever.:thumbsup:
  5. macky112

    Dang that's good deal
  6. actorlife

    Thanks for the update. Gonna order next week. Clip+ replacement. Gonna have to find out how that USB Dac Mode works. Never tried that before. Edit just youtubed it. Hopefully DSD can be played without a computer and on the player alone through SD card.
  7. tjstyle
    The DSD / ISO is played on PC or Smartphone ? Because you say it's through USB DAC mode, not natively played from MicroSD card.
    I really don't understand if that's true Zishan Z1 playing Native DSD files using PCM only DAC (ESS ES9023).
    Really curious about that..
    Zishan DSD is using AKM AK449X. So no question about that, since the DAC support PCM and DSD format.
  8. macky112

    I have a question, does it matter if the dsd is played through the source -> z1 usb dac mode vs playing from z1 as dap?

    I mean a dac is a dac is a dac, so z1 is still doing the decoding wether the dsd is read from source or from sd card

    Now amp mode, then yeah it'll be the source dap doing the decoding
  9. tjstyle
    Need to know first that are USB DAC mode on Z1 is standard UAC1/2 or using custom protocol like XMOS series.
    Here is some example, when you plugging Z1 to PC, and windows can automatically recognized Z1 as USB Sound Card (no need to install custom driver) so Z1 is using UAC1.
    UAC1 specification is PCM 96khz / 24bit max.
    So the possible thing that DSD played in PC, is converted to PCM. Then sended to Z1 as PCM stream, of course with max specification of UAC1.
    What you hear on final stage is not native DSD sound's. 
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    I think someone needs to start a new 24BIT FREE MUSIC THREAD so people can find affordable music for the Vishan without paying an arm and a leg before investing more.
    Sopranino likes this.
  11. Sopranino
    I just purchased this unit from Gratituding Store.  This will be my first DAP and I'll admit I'm a little concerned about quality control, having been screwed over by a shady AliExpress seller in the past.  What are the chances of it being DOA (dead on arrival) or being messed up in a way I can't audibly recognize?  I wonder sometimes how many of us absorb the financial loss without reporting back here . I know from previous experience that return shipping to China from almost anywhere is cost prohibitive. 
  12. musicday
    For peace of mind, next time order from reputable sellers suck as CKLewis and others that are mentioned on Walnut thread.
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    LOL. My Walnut v2 never showed up from CKLewis and neither did a pair of DIY ear buds I ordered as well, from a different order. I won't be choosing them again.
    Sopranino likes this.
  14. musicday
    I am with you,i had a little problem with him at the begging but after that everything was on time, with​tracking number and everything.
  15. flamesofarctica

    I've bought a Walnut from Gratituding Store previously, no probs at all.

    I've had several orders all fine from CKLewis as well.

    If I remember rightly, wasn't the issue with AliExpress Shipping? Once the seller has handed it over to them, and you can see from the tracking its been picked up, to be fair it's out of the sellers hands at that point. Eg I had an order which they processed really quickly, and arrived in the UK fine, but it was hanging around in London for ages..but that wasn't the sellers fault.

    The only sellers that I have issue with are those that issue a tracking number and you get no tracking..and you chase and chase..and it turns out they had no stock.
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