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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. r0msk1
    Oh, Z1 also?

    Then, burn in it is.
  2. JesvsR
    I'm just trying the Z1 as USB DAC on my laptop, and the only thing I hear, apart from music xD, is some... is not hiss, I think it's electric noise from the USB port. All my USB ports are almost broken, so I'm pretty sure that the noise comes from the laptop.
  3. nesty
    No crackling pops sound on my z1 on dac mode
  4. r0msk1
    Good to know you don't have this issue. I'll try to burn it in first.
    Anyone tried a 256 gb card?
  6. Dark Helmet
    I have used my 200GB card and it works fine. It can get a bit laggy when skipping albums.
  7. bzfrank
    The Z1 uses battery management and never takes more than 600mAh when charging over USB (tested here with various chargers and two Z1s). Hence a more juicy charger won't change a thing.

    knudsen, Nokizaru and r0msk1 like this.
  8. JesvsR
    Seriously, I'm enjoying a lot the Zishan Z1. From now on, Z1+Monk plus is my main combo for listening to music outside. This earbuds appreciate a lot the amplification, and they are even better than before
    knudsen likes this.
  9. knudsen
    Agreed, I've never enjoyed music as much as with z1. Using opa2604
  10. Ver JJ
    May I confirm a few things
    - Does it support DSD128?
    - Does it act as a DAC for mac?
    - Does it support 128gb micro sd card?
    - Does it act as an AMP (to connect to my aune m1s)?
    My apology for asking the same questions again, this is because I am very confused after reading every single one of you guys comment in this thread.
  11. knudsen
    About DAC with mac: I had'nt tried, but it worked in 5 seconds. Tried with wav, mp3, flac, all seemed to be fine to my ears.

    It seemed to eat my Sandisk 128gb just fine, but its not practical at all navigationwise. Ordered 2 x 16GB samsung instead. Navigation is a joy with a fast card, where as I had a cheap Ali card where navigation was slow and music was sometimes stuttering.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  12. Ver JJ
    Ohh, really thank you very much for you effort.....anyways I have heard good feedback about this device, do you have any negative opinion regarding the sound quality of the unit you are having? I am quite unsure whether to get this unit or the Walnut V2s........since this unit support DSD and mostly of my file are in DSD format anyways.
  13. makima
    afaik Walnut is not that good as USB DAC, but personally have no experience. just forum reads.
  14. Dark Helmet
    Get the Zishan. I have the opamp rollable Walnut and I prefer the Z1 by quite a margin. No negatives to report so far. Works like a DAC on my mac and will take my 200G card (Though it can get laggy). Great little player
    knudsen likes this.
  15. Ver JJ
    Thanks. Hmm I see well I am planning to connect either Zishan Z1 or Walnut V2s to my Aune m1s or fiio e17k as an amp. In your opinion, which one sounds warmer?
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