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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. flamesofarctica
    Personally I have no issue with posts re Walnut updates in this thread, or vice versa, as they share more features than they differ... so I guess people will be keeping track of updates to both anyway, and I'm guessing a proportion of those with the Z1 like me will have a V2 (so will likely be interested in any updates to either).

    My Z1 came by the way.

    I got it partly to use as a USB DAC with my Hidizs AP60 but cant work out how, or if it's possible so that aside...it sounds fantastic.

    Obviously very similar to the Walnut, not done a head-to-head yet so haven't determined which I prefer, its going to be close but something tells me the Z1 might (just) have the edge in clarity and overall SQ. Volume increases seem smoother, although I miss the satisfying on/off function of the volume control. I love the blue LED and the logo/fonts, yes I'm superficial and I love the oddly retro look of these players. And as I'm using single file full album WAV files on there, I like the ability to fast forward through them holding the right button, although seem to be unable to rewind back.

    I will try to do a proper head to head comparison at some point.
    Last edited: May 2, 2017
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  2. Adichigahara
    Are the letters on the case painted or engraved? I just hate that font. Would love to easily remove it
  3. KLgamers
    silk screen same as walnut
  4. Adichigahara
  5. SaltyGrub
    Hey ya'll, This is the first time I'm trying a DAC out (I'm really new to the hobby) and I've just ordered mine. Just to be clear, this can function as a DAC for a phone (provided that your phone is compatible), yes?

    I'm also curious as to how these go up against the Walnut V2's with the DAC functionality. From what I'm gathering from this thread, it seems like the Zishan Z1's outclass the Walnut (?).
  6. rubick
    Loving the Z1. Clearer and not as rolled off as the Walnut.
  7. SaltyGrub
    Can you explain what rolled off means? Also, these can function as USB DACs, correct?
  8. rubick
    didnt try the usb dacs.
    Treble 'roll off' just refers to the point (frequency) where treble energy starts to diminish, or cease to exist above a certain frequency. The Z1 extends more than the Walnut.
  9. SaltyGrub
  10. Sopranino
    If anyone has AD825 op amp, care to try it and hear if it works?
  11. dkfuel
    Sheesh reading all of the praise for this unit makes me want to ditch my Walnut before it has no value! :frowning2:
  12. macky112
    Walnut Pre-v2s will not have no value, because they still sound better than Benjie S5, and that must be worth something :wink:

    A $30 shipped WAV only screenless DAP was never going to hold any resale value because people could just buy a brand new one, but you knew that right?
  13. iJay
    I wouldn't get rid of my Walnut! Paired with Monk+ or ATH-M70x, that little piece sings!
  14. silverfishla
    monk+ sounds so good with the Walnut! Made for each other
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  15. AudioNewbi3
    Anyone got to modding the Zishan Z1 yet?

    Planning to get one and maybe change all the caps and the volume pot
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