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New- Zishan Z1 DSD player thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Apr 15, 2017.
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  1. noknok23
    Anyone in touch with the maker can ask if shuffle or shuffle folder is doable? I really crave this function
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  2. Frederick Wang
    Changed ne5532 to AD8620ar then AD8620br (more expensive than Z1 itself, lol), worth the upgrade.
    Let us know your result, mate!
  3. AudioNewbi3
    JINLIDAI AD8620?

    How do you buy OpAmps from Taobao? They say there are a lot of fakes out there. Is there any store you would recommend?

    Also, may I kindly know the specs of the 4 capacitors in the Z1?

    I have yet to purchase the Z1 and will most probably do so by the following months as I will be graduating and heading back to my hometown where my work station is located at.

  4. Frederick Wang
    Yep, there are so many fake ones on taobao, that's why I don't try a lot if I cannot find a trustworthy provider.
    I bought ad8620ar from 伟良音响DIY:
    and ad8620br from a Tmall dealer:

    Don't know about the specs, you can ask Zishan directly, they are very responsive.
    Good luck with your new life, man!
  5. noknok23
    Just tested battery life. I have a solid 12hours. less than 13. Not bad at all!

    is MUSE02 a good op amp?
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  6. AudioNewbi3
    According to the people on Chiense Forums, some say it is good, saome say it is overhyped.
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  7. AudioNewbi3
    Thanks for the info mate! Some even say Weiliang YinXiang sells fake opamps because of the whole 9920AP incident. Check Teiba for more info. As for the Tmall dealer, I have no idea if it is genuine or fake, but thanks for the info!

    I will ask Zhisan about the caps....or perhaps just tell him to send me a Z1 without pot and caps hahaha.
  8. SaltyGrub
    May I ask, what is the purpose of changing the amplifier? Isn't the DAC responsible for the sound quality, while the AMP just bumps the volume up?
  9. Holypal
    In my opinion, AMP is more important than DAC. AMP is more direct responsible for the sound quality.

    Here they're talking about changing the operation amplifier chip.
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  10. Frederick Wang
    wow, I didn't know about that. But the ad8620ar they sold me offers a solid performance. Again, that doesn't mean it is genuine...
  11. bzfrank

    I am currently testing some opamps in the Zishan Z1. Too early to conclusively tell a winner, only a few comments after a few hours listing and swapping op amps. Keep in mind that there is no 'magic bullet' op amp. It all depends on the environment it is put in and personal listening preferences.

    - The Zishan sounds better than the Walnut OOB
    - Op amps characteristics are differently to the Walnut
    - The stock TI NE5532 stands its ground nicely, even against the expensive stuff
    - My current list of preference with Shockwave III IEMs:

    1. LME49720NA - surprisingly works without decoupling capacitors as plug-in, incredible clarity
    2. MUSES01
    3. AD8620
    4. AD825 - great bassy dynamics

    The Zishan design seems more 'forgiving' than the Walnut, e.g. the AD8397ARDZ is oscillating happily in the Walnut, not so in the Zishan. Likewise the LME49720 which can be problematic without decoupling.
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  12. macky112
    Quick question, are opamp sensitive to ESD? Do I need to wear anti-static wrist band when amp rolling?

    I only rolled caps, haven't tried amp rolling so I wNt to make sure
  13. AudioNewbi3
    Just have a look at this Teiba
  14. AudioNewbi3
    Since you have opened up your Zhisan, mind sharing what are the values of the Nichicon and Elna Caps?
    16V 470Uf?
  15. silverfishla
    Does the Z1 have a true Line Out?
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