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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. piksnz
    Looking forward to it.
  2. HelmetGuy
    I've got a Bottlehead Crack (and Speedball) kit on the way from the US. Should have it up and running by the meet so will bring it along with the rest of my gear!
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  3. NZtechfreak
    OK, some news - we have a date! For a variety of reasons I have pushed it back until Saturday Sept 5th, and it will run from 10am-4pm (people showing gear will be able to come from 8am to set up and allow their Vega's/tubes and suchlike time to warm up). Tickets will be the same as last year at $10 (on sale on Trademe shortly) and people showing gear get free entry for their community service.
    In other news:
    I just pulled the trigger on some Mr Speakers Ethers, and a pair of Questyle CMA800R amps (for monoblock mode for the HE-6!), and there is still a possibility I might grab an Yggdrasil before the meet (although if I did I would probably need to jetison the Vega to cover costs). I'll also have plenty of portable gears to bring along with the T5p, Senn Momentum 2.0, PM-3, HA-2, Geek Out 450, Schiit Fulla, Dragonfly 1.2 and HeadAmp Pico DAC/amp.
    ...and I'm in talks with an SR009 owner and hoping to convince him to bring them along for us all to drool over (figuratively, at any rate, as I doubt the prospect of having the 009s doused in the saliva of strangers will prove a selling point).
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Murray - that's brilliant.
    Hopefully I'll definitely be able to come this time.  Need to get my July trip out of the way, then I'll know for sure.  I should be able to bring a variety of gear - mid-range stuff - but might be some changes coming, so I'll work it all out in a month or so.
  5. NZtechfreak
    I'll be sending an email your way shortly too, as I seem to have promised an upcoming review for the Oppo PM-3 in the Trademe listing and headphonz.org event listing (here, if you want a prettified version of the first post here).
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Nice - you and I need to talk when you have time as well (about the website).  I'm still keen.
    If there's anything of mine you want to hear (while I'm playing with the Oppo) - just let me know.
  7. hennezzy
    ethers !!! [​IMG]
  8. NZtechfreak
    Yes! I am excited. Hopefully I have just managed to sneak in with the last of the initial batch of pre-orders...
  9. NZtechfreak
    Oh, and if you guys can visit the Facebook page and like and share that this would also be a great assistance.
    EDIT: Email sent Paul. 
    Regards the meet guys, I am trying to snag a Vodafone hotspot from a friend with connections to have at the venue on the day. This was we can use streaming services - I'm going to use the 30 day free trial of Tidal on the day for example. I think this is a really great way to provide people with music selection with tracks they know. If you'll be running a PC or Mac as a source I would be interested to know if you have some other ideas too.
  10. NZtechfreak
    Ok, that was a late night of meet prep compounded by my 15mo twins waking at 0530 this morning. Ain't life grand? Fortunately, two espressos down from the home machine has at least brought me up to something relatively closely akin to a human being.

    Right, now that I've finished indulging my little pity party, more meet stuff:

    I'm contacting vendors who had a presence last year at present, and will probably reach out to some others to see if they're interested in showing their wares. If you guys have relationships with retailers/vendors etc, please do contact them to check their interest - you can pass on the link to the HeadphoNZ contacts page for them to reach me to progress discussions. Last year there was no cost to them to exhibit, so there isn't really a downside for them.
  11. HelmetGuy
    Here we go!
    Prelim gear list:
    Headphones - Sennheiser HD800, Audio-Technica W3000ANV, Oppo PM-3, AKG K7XX, bonus for hilarity - Koss Portapro
    Amps - Violectric V200, Bottlehead Crack with Speedball, FiiO E12
    DACs / sources - Audiolab M-DAC, FiiO X3, laptop
    Very strong possibility - turntable (I don't have the Rega I brought last year anymore)
    If you're outside of Auckland I strongly suggest planning a day / weekend in Auckland for this. It's a rare opportunity to try out all sorts of headphone gear and chat with like-minded enthusiasts. There isn't any other event like it in New Zealand (yet - it'd be very cool if there are others!).
    Internet access for Spotify would be great to have. I was actually going to tether my phone to my laptop, but not having to blow my data cap would be much preferred!
    With the date now far out enough, I'm very likely to have another turntable by then.. Vinyl and tubes just have to be heard together.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Nice - always wanted to hear the Crack.  And being able to pair it with an HD800 would be ideal :)
  13. NZtechfreak
  14. HelmetGuy
    Yep, I'm betting the HD800 + Crack paired with a good turntable will be something very special...
  15. designmind
    Exciting stuff indeed - last year was great, so happy to be part of this awesome event again and will be bringing some gear along of course.
    Still have my Audio-gd reference 10.32 and Sennheiser HD800 (great pairing) and will also bring the Denon AH-D7100 and my Darkvoice 3322 Tube Amp - in terms of sources I will have an Onkyo Dock for ipod 30pin connection, my laptop, and my Meridian 508 cd player as a transport - bring your favourite cds if you still have those :wink:
    On the portable front I will bring my new favourite piece of kit, a Chord Hugo, along with an Astell & Kern AK120ii, B&O H6 and Audio Technica ATH - M50X
    Thanks again to Murray for making this happen again.
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