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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. piksnz
    Will bring my JH Audio Layla, Chord Hugo playing native DSD flawlessly from iphone, AK240 and Sony Z7.
  2. NZtechfreak
    Wow, two Hugo coming now! Fantastic! That's been on my radar a while, will be great to finally get a chance to hear it.
  3. tuatara
    Would love to be there, shame I'm at the wrong end of the country. Cheaper to get the Aus than Akld.
  4. NZtechfreak

    Do it!
  5. Brooko Contributor
    I know what you mean (I'm in Invercargill) - but no way I'm missing this one. Plenty of time to save :)
  6. NZtechfreak
    There is of course nothing stopping someone else arranging one... I wouldn't be against more excuses to go to headphone meets in NZ :)

    Also, just think of how much you'll save by being able to audition everything!
  7. designmind

    I am particularly interested in the Oppo HA-2 - can you still use this with the old ipod classic (generation 6, 160GB)?
  8. NZtechfreak

    I think so, but I'd have to check since I'm not an 'i-device' kinda guy.
  9. designmind

    That's cool - I can check it out and audition at the meet...
    I have a trip to the US at the end of Sept, so that may be buying some gear over there ... going to RMAF and its associated CanJam in Denver too which is rather exciting!
  10. NZtechfreak
    WOW! RMAF and CanJam, very jealous! 
    I just had a thought - I wondered if any of you guys have skills with graphic design? It sure would be nice to have a logo for the event, perhaps even a catchy name like CanJam - don't you think?
    ...a logo would probably be just the inspiration I require to arrange some t-shirts...
    (eventually I will try and manage this, but, ah, my best effort may not be all that good)
    Also: tentative confirmation that NZ'd Metrum Acoustics distributor is likely to be showing of their range again this year, and hopefully we will have the iFi range around again too.
  11. HelmetGuy
    Excellent! The Octave II is the most "natural" DAC I've heard. I'm really keen on demoing it again.
  12. BlackMagic

    Hi All
    Like Murray I am an enthusiast first as well as mono micro dealer. As serious headphone listening only cropped up a year ago for me, still a relative beginner. So last years’ meet was a good crash course across the board.
    I mentioned to Murray that for detail my headphone system outperforms my main system and I am surprised at what gets lost. It would be good to see some Electros on offer – never heard myself. People did ask last time and I have been interested too for some time.
    It’s a way off yet but hope to attend barring unforseens and should have an interesting mix of things to listen to. One weighs in at 18KG and has been an eye opener so far, which is not bad for something about 20 years old. Does play up though !
    Will have a Mac Pro available for anyone wanting to bring a ‘stick’ with their own music and hi res for comparison, with a  CD player or two, if you have matching discs or just discs. A few Stereophile 24/96 test discs plus some Remastered v. original CD’s etc. –  if taste suits.
    HD800’s and Beyer T1’s to try out.
    Interested to hear a pair of Alpha Dogs if someone has a pair to bring along.
    Cheers Ian
  13. audiophilegamer
    Never been to a meet before so I don't know how it works haha. Was just wondering, since I use my computer as my source for music, how will my rig play? I think I'll need someone elses laptop/source? I don't want to depend on someones laptop or anything but I have no other player besides my phone haha. I can also bring along my Westone ES50's that I just received!
  14. NZtechfreak

    Should be able to swing a hotspot for WiFi at the venue on the day, and my suggestion is that everyone exhibiting and using computers as sources should use a free trial of Tidal (unless already subbed of course) to try and allow a really good selection of music at lossless quality for people to try. Also recommend bringing in your own material on an external drive of some kind too.
  15. audiophilegamer
    I won't be able to bring my computer down to the venue... Maybe I could use my phone as the source? The thing is, my Bifrost Uber has to be connected via USB and my phone obviously doesn't have USB so I don't know what to do. Hopefully I could share a table with someone who has a laptop and share with them but that seems impractical because we have to constantly change the output source etc :/
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