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New York mini meet : hifiman he1000 headphones/ ef1000 amplifiers Jan 17 and 18 after 2pm

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  1. fleemur12

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience in NYC, Dinnenjous.  Unfortunately like many big urban centers, you run a risk of things like this happening, especially if you're an unwary tourist.  It's kind of the NY welcome I hate to hear about from new visitors.  There are too many great things happening in Manhattan for you to be able to miss out b/c of one bad experience. 
    If there is ever an audio-related show happening in NYC, I would be happy to act as a guide for you.  The annual NY Audio Show that is held ever September is now held in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan, so technically that's not in the city proper, although I bet visiting Brooklyn would probably feel quite similar to visiting Manhattan to you. 
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  2. icebear
    I will try to make it on Saturday, unique opportunity to listen to such a prototype headphone.
    Looks like the NYC weekend weather choice is either blistering cold or rain, so I go for cold on Sat.
  3. wwyssh
    I'm in! Probably on Sunday.
  4. Colgin
    I am in. Please PM me relevant information. I can probably make either Saturday or Sunday event. Looking forward to it.
  5. Colgin
    Just noticed it was at the Trump Soho. Awesome as I live downtown not too far from there. 
  6. AOmega X
    I would love to attend if I can bend my scheduled into fitting...Tentative for Sunday.
  7. bmichels
    Can't be there...I am in Europe now :frowning2:((    will read carefully your listening reports....  
    Any picture on the INSIDE of the EF1000 Amp ? 
  8. immtbiker Moderator
    Why not??? [​IMG] If anything, the free, personally engraved cans, and free air fare would surely make up for your bad experience. 
    You could get robbed in Wichita, Kansas also, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and don't have your proximity sensors' batteries fully charged and engaged.
    What's wrong with the Bronx or Canal Street?
    Great music, restaurants, and hot women.
  9. LxJLthr
    A) Nothing.  Sarcastic comment.  I love all  of NY to bits (though I would not mind sending in the Inquisition into Willimsburg and New Brunswick...if you know what I mean).  So much energy, culture and diversity.  Best Jewish delis this side of the world.  That said, some areas require a little more precaution that others, especially if you don't look like a local (though that probably applies to anywhere and everywhere...**** happens).
    B) Can you make some recommendations for all three?! [​IMG] Trying to take best advantage of being out the East Coast for work...I have been coming up there almost every other weekend!
  10. koiloco
    I vote this to be the best question on HF this month.  [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. castin
    Dam! why am i not back in nyc now... 
  12. nyc2wood
    I will stop by on Sunday.
  13. kazsud

    Yeah they pray on tourist out there too.
  14. VandyMan
    I'd like to attend either today or tomorrow. You will PM me the details?
  15. Colgin
    Has anyone received a PM with details. I have not. Do you just show up and ask for room with Dr. Fang Bian.
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