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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. eke2k6
    Thanks a lot! Crack it is then.
  2. Transformatron
    NOOOOOOO!!!!! Drugs are bad!
  3. eke2k6
    It's ok. I already did my mandatory drug test for the semester.
  4. AHorseNamedJeff

    And that gentlemen is how you do it.
  5. purrin
    Let the tubes warm up and the HE-500 isn't so bright with the Vali. Still, I wouldn't consider the Vali a dark, laid-back, or overly warm sounding amp. And I actually prefer the HE-500 to be on the brighter side than dark. The HE-500 does measure with a mid-treble peak. I've tended to use slight EQ -3db at 10k. I'm not afraid to use EQ, so "tonal matching" between gear isn't a big deal for me. I do have an alternative setup for the HE-500 - mainly out of the Mjolnir - and then from the Mjolnir into a speaker power amp. But that's aiming for a different set of priorities: speed, control, precision, etc. The HE-500 from the Vali is the give me goose-bumps setup.
  6. FlySweep
    I do, Eke.. I've had the Vali for a number of days now.. and been quietly comparing the HE-500/HD600 off the Project Ember//BH Crack (respectively) vs both phones off the Vali.  My Vali doesn't have a whole lot of hours on it, which is why I've held off from commenting much.. but I will soon.
    So far, I'd say the HD600/Vali combo is very comparable to the HD600/Crack combo in terms of sound.. especially when it comes detail retrieval & tonal balance.  I'm in the camp that finds a BH Crack to be an end game type of amp for the HD600.  Right now, outside of the Crack, I think the Vali is a no brainer for the HD600... no brainer.  It possesses the same 'addicting' qualities that the Crack offers when used with high impedance phones, among other things.
    *any references to the Crack in this post imply a speedballed Crack, btw.
  7. Nic Rhodes
  8. DaveUpton
    How about Vali vs Ember (granted Ember can sound like anything really)  - how does it stack up?
  9. K.T.

    This is fantastic news. As an owner of both phones, I am truly happy to hear this. Can't wait for my Vali to arrive!
  10. eke2k6
    Once again I want to hug you. You've saved me at least $160.
    If only the Vali looked as sexy as the Crack.
  11. K.T.
    It may have been asked before, but I take it the Vali is a better performing amp than the HiFiMan EF2a?
    I know nothing of the the EF2a, but see that it's a tube amp in the under $200 range.
  12. wje
    Seems like a bit of an "eye opener" from your live testing conditions.  For now, I'll put my wallet carefully back into my pocket.
    I currently have the Schiit Vali in my position and am working through some testing.  Pretty nice sounding so far, and I own the Asgard I too.
  13. purrin
    That's interesting. I like the Crack a lot with the HD650/600s (I too consider that combo a suitable end-game setup). Honestly, I wasn't sure if the Vali would hold it's own again the Crack (HD600/650) without doing a direct comparison myself.
  14. kstuart

    I have not heard the Crack (since I don't have HD600 or 650), but I know some guys who like it a lot and they are exactly the sort of listeners who would notice the relatively poor timbre of the Vali.  I'm gathering that the majority of readers of a thread about $119 amps don't listen to music with much variety of instruments, so they would not notice.
    There is also a tendency for the mind to notice the excellent level of detail, and then subconsciously assume that everything else must be equally great, since detail is usually an indication of quality.
  15. AladdinSane
    Is it too early to ask for the Vali in black?
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