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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Hifi2jungle
    Interesting. When I open up my favorites, only 10 favorites are displayed which i have saved 11 months ago... will give it another try in the course of today and will report. Could also be an issue with my account though...
  2. stefzulj
    Roon looks intriguing, but still don't know much about it to be honest. When A&K release it will it be able to run solely on SP1000m or will it function as a remote which needs software running on PC?
  3. WayneWoondirts
    Roon is excellent. It has completely redefined how I listen to music with a PC. You can get a free trial for 14 days. Give it a go.

    You won't be able to run Roon Core on the SPK, it's not made for that.

    My bet is, that the AK will be available as a Roon Ready device. This then makes it discoverable in the Roon UI (Remote). The SPK will be used as an endpoint (output) then. Since AK is running through the certification process with Roon this is definitely happening.

    What I'm not sure about is, is if the AK will run Remote then too. Would make sense to me, as otherwise you'd need a second device (Remote) to play music with Roon through the AK and that would be a bit cumbersome and unsexy to use.

    You will always need at least one more device to use Roon with the AK - a Core (PC or Server).
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  4. jmas
    I recently bought a SP1000M and I have been looking into Roon, but I have a question that I have not been able to solve. I have my music library in a NAS and a copy of it in my A&K that I manually update each time I add a record to the library in the NAS. Does Roon help in any way in synching the library from the 'core location' to my A&K? I would love that Roon be able to help me synch the main library to a secondary location, in this case my portable player.
  5. WayneWoondirts
    Interesting question. I've never used more than one library and database. I guess this is also something new coming up with a Roon Ready portable player with its own storage. Will check that when Roon is available on the AK. Or maybe @JasonNYC can shine a light on this...?
  6. lolobisaudio
    I have no major issues with qobuz. The only one would be that the police is to pale in search mode. But the app is a way more responsive that on my iBasso dx200
  7. Hifi2jungle
    I just tried 5.1.5 again: only 26 of my 735 favorites are displayed. 5.1.5 runs overall smooth compared to 5.1.4 but no favorites... seems to be a bug in connection with my account... poor...
  8. Smgwee1
    What do you call this hybrid cable? where can i get it?

  9. Peter P.
    Hi i see that you upgraded from the SE100 to the SP1000M’s. I am currently using Campfire andromeda’s with the SE100’s now. Loving the sound with this combo but im just curious if there is a big difference with SP1000M’s?
  10. Peter P.
    Hi how is the bass and treble on the balanced output? Are you getting the same amount of bass from the unbalanced output? Any sibilance on the treble? I want to try the reference 8 cable on the andros on my se100 as well. Any hiss?
  11. garyralph
    I’ll try to spend some time with the stock cables. I can’t recall the bass quality with them. I detect no sibilance. There is a marked increase in transparency, allowing more detail to be heard. This is mostly a plus. If there is some hiss in the original recording, it is more likely to come through with the Reference 8 cable. That occurs on very few of my recordings, and I don’t find it problematic. Ymmv, of course.
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  12. stefzulj
    If you're really enjoying the sound of the SE100 I'd stick with that. The reason I upgraded was due to having multiple defective SE100s and the dealership offering me an offer I couldn't refuse to upgrade to the SP1000M. I'd say the subtle changes in sound signature (SP1000M gives the Andros a tiny bit more meat on the bones) are greater than the increase in quality of the sound.

    If I were you and had to pay full price to upgrade, I'd tell myself to close this thread and just enjoy my music on the SE100.
  13. Luisonic
    Hello guys,

    Thanks in part to reading some of your impressions and input, I just upgraded to sp1000m... waiting for it... coming from other grade solutions, lately from wm1a.

    I work with a Mac. Aside for the android transfer, any useful heads up advice/info before I receive it?

    Thanks a mil!
  14. kubig123
    Try Commander One, this app is more robust than the android file transfer.
  15. Luisonic
    Actually can't wait!...

    I'll be tinkering with it as soon as I receive it (I'm actually taking a day to work at home to receive it and playa little... )
    So I'll be posting questions, I'm sure...

    Thanks for the advice, already downloaded and waiting...
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