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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Peter P.
    Okay thanks for the input. Been using the se100’s for about 2 months now. Will just stick with it first then just do the upgrade later on. Cheers!
  2. olddude
    Commander One has a stiffer learning curve. Go slow with it and don't let it frustrate you, as it will eventually begin to make more sense. It is not just a file transfer app, it is basically a different desktop. Do NOT attempt to drag things from your real desktop into it, you will not have fun. Work only from within Commander One.
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  3. robbi22
    Someone listened sp1000m gold?
  4. Luisonic
    Thanks for the heads up!
    Because that would have been exactly my approach: forget the instructions, just drag and drop...

    I guess I'll practice a bit before messing with the sp1000m... :wink:
  5. olddude
    It's easy, just open it, fill your desktop with it, select the SP from the dropdown on the left, the actual desktop from the dropdown on the right, click on the SP to bring up either the Internal or the SD card, choose which, click to Music folder, and you can drag and drop. Dragging into Music just drops your folders (ALWAYS folders) into the device. If you use careful folder arrangement (folder for each artist), pop open Music and find your specific artist folder and drag the appropriate album folder into that. If for some reason the files on the Commander desktop freeze up (happens), just use the dropdown to go back to above User and then back to User desktop to clear the freeze.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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  6. KickAssChewGum
    Yes. I’ve listened extensively to both the regular SP1000M and the Gold variant. The Gold is definitely warmer but still VERY detailed. It’s a slightly richer (and, dare I say, fuller) sound than the standard SP1000M. The Gold is my preferred signature of the two by far and, paired with the Campfire Solaris or Noble Encore, it is absolutely spectacular.
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  7. Audiophonicalistic
    Good to hear. Ill have an order in for gold soon enough. Glad I waited
  8. Luisonic
    Just tried some, and yup, very easy, just a different logic. Thanks a mil!
  9. youme
    Has anybody ever had problems with SPK and its battery? The battery of mine bloated and the backpanel felt almost off. The device has never left my home. And was lying around charged for more than a week now. With 30 minutes use per evening throughout the last days.

    I have to admit that I am upset.
  10. olddude
    I think someone else here had something like that. I believe he sent it in for a fix. Not sure where the nearest AK repair station is near you in Germany. I think the one I saw here in the US just sent it in to the one in Los Angeles.
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  11. seaharp1
    Yes...it happened to a brand new AK380 a few years ago.AK repaired/replaced under warranty.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
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  12. seaharp1
    Yes...it happened to a brand new AK380 a few years ago.AK repaired/replaced under warranty.
  13. youme
    Thanks Guys. I dropped a note to the distributor and got a reply. Next steps to be clarified soon.

    BTW: Mine is brand new as well, only 6 weeks in use. Damn it.
  14. mmxxm
    20190123_003234.jpg 20190123_025801.jpg
    Hello there,

    I have had my SP1000m Gold for about 2 weeks now as it was released in the UK before many other markets.

    It is fantastic.

    The extra weight gives it a premium feel and even I am happy with the bling finish but would have preferred in s/s or cu. Sound wise - superb and the UI is easy to use (I also have AK70 so used to the interface).

    I mainly use this at home as a music player/ storage device plugged into my Sony TA-ZH1ES or Icon Audio HP8mkii headphone amps, out to my Sony MDR-Z1R headphones however as the DAP DAC's in my opinion are superior to the Sony desktop, I am now generally listening to the headphones direct out of the DAP or via my valve amp when I want a change. With the Sony headphones, the volume output via SE or balanced is ample without external amplification with this DAP. It also sounds excellent with the Shure SE846's but I just use these for travelling with my old AK70Mki.

    The desktop TA-ZH1ES is an excellent all rounder so may keep it for my CD transport and I'm not sure what to do with my MOJO but that's another issue.

    My only issue so far is the connection to external devices via USB C. My windows 10 laptop (Microsoft Surface Book 1) does not recognize the device via USB3.0. I have connected the DAP via USB 2.0 on my other laptop and no issues. I contacted the shop where I purchased and they indicated that the local supplier confirmed USB 3.0 compatible and the DAP should sync but not for me. The manual indicates USB 2.0 only that is contradictory to the manufacturer's website. The connection to the Sony desktop is hit and miss - USB C to Micro USB (to the Walkman input) but not such as major issue as I prefer using a line out via the 3.5mm. Oh and the wooden box was damaged however the shop is sending up a replacement but not a big issue.

    Apart from these issues I have no regrets and very happy that I went with this over some of the competition where I understand support can be disappointing if you are outside Asia. Was not prepared to pay the extra £700 for the SP1000.

    Hope this helps and attach a few photos for your info/ interest.


    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
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  15. Daibaron

    Maybe a possible workaround for your need which is also mine.
    Musicbee as a music manager & player does it well.
    Create 2 Playlists one for internal memory and one for the SD card.
    The SP1000 will appear as a portable device with MTP.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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