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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Caruryn
    Stay with the SE846 they are very good with SP1000M and terminate one of the stock cables (to keep the same sig) into 2.5mm trrs.There are such plugs on ebay for 2-3 euro like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/263743518063 .Instead of spending $1500-2000 for another iem,spend another $400 for Sennheiser HD660S and get an adapter for the stock balanced cable from amazon for 18 euro.You will enjoy it much more especially at home and after a couple of years(or months if you stay here) you can spend $3000-4000 for the shiny new flagship iems that will appear.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  2. robbobkirky
    Thanks for the replies - I certainly would like to keep the IEMs as is at the moment and upgrade when I've saved up for those.
    It's funny that I prefer the form factor of the SP1000M, although it has to be said this is on paper - it just looks too big for me when I'm travelling.

    Did you or anyone compare the SP1000M or SE100 to any other models in the A&K range?
  3. Daibaron
    I do use the SE846 in its original mount , It's a good fit with the SP1000 and the sound is warmer and deep enough to hear the magic.
    I tried other IEMs and most of them where sounding too analytical with less bass.
    Maybe an upgrade to the KSE 1200 will do the trick for me.
    I tried the Focal Utopia and i was quite pleased with the sound... i look forward to buy one later when i can
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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  4. forbiddenbeat
  5. forbiddenbeat
    Is anyone else underwhelmed by the volume dial on the SP1000? I absolutely love everything about this DAP (the sounds is amazing), but the dial is really a weak point IMO. It's loose, it has no resistance, and it's actually really hard to use when the DAP is flat on a table.

    Missing my Woo WA8 knob - that thing was awesome. Zero play, nice resistance...
  6. Progisus
    I find it is intuitive and easy to use especially when it is on a flat surface. Just roll the finger on it. Nice under the pillow as well. Mine has resistance.
    Mine is okay.
    If a bad experience with button of AK's, I can tell the volume on AK120ii is too bad, it loose and not precision.
    Btw compare spk volume button to a bigger one is not so fair.
    Do you compare volume on WA8 to Darkvoice 336 to see how it good? It is just fraction price tag compare wa8
  8. forbiddenbeat
    Fair point re:size comparison. Mainly, I don't like the poor tolerances on it. It shouldn't wobble/feel kind of loose. Is it that way for everyone?
  9. CreditingKarma

    From my understanding the volume wheel is a gimble type design. It is that way to allow it to function as a button as well and not fail quickly. I had similar thoughts in this regard as well at first but really like the design now.
  10. Likeimthere
    I have the SP1000M and IMO the form factor is perfect for traveling. It slips in my work pants pocket with no issues. To give you an idea of its size. It’s significantly shorter than an IPhone X, but about the same width. It is probably a little shy than twice as thick. And all of this is when it’s in the leather case because who wouldn’t put it in a case when traveling?

    Hope that gives you an idea.
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  11. TYATYA
    It will not tigh as fix volume type. It is volume with button function.
    I found my kse1500 amp has a lose volume knob - button also.
    The importance is precision work than mechanical tolerance.
    My shaling m2s has "tight" volume wheel but it work imprecision
  12. stefzulj
    I've owned the SE100 before the SP1000M and liked both designs for different reasons. I like the size of the SE100, easy to read and type, however it was difficult to navigate one handed whereas the SP1000M is much easier. The floating back button did help a little for the SE100 though.

    Downside for the SE100 was the volume control wheel being difficult to turn while the player is sitting on a flat surface.

    One problem I have with both players are the play/pause/skip buttons being hard to use blindly and almost impossible with the case on.

    With all that being said, they are both gorgeous players and have a very premium feel in the hand.
  13. olddude
    The volume button is built to "wobble" on purpose so you don't break it off. The SP is a portable device, and in that regard the volume wheel works perfectly, as do the side buttons. I walk with mine covered in a Dignis case within a VanNuys belt case and have absolutely no issues using volume and side buttons without being able to see them. I just reach down and use them by feel. Never tried it on a desk, but I have used it laying on a couch with no problems. The nice thing about AK is they build devices with great GUI and form factor/controls. I've had a 120ll, a 240SS and now the SP SS and all have been superb to use.
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  14. aaf evo
    Can also confirm the Dignis case is much better for tactile feedback from the buttons.
  15. forbiddenbeat
    Excellent point about not breaking, and also that this is a function button as well. I've not owned a DAP before, so I'll retract my complaint about the volume button. :)
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