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  1. iLFuma
    I use them in balanced and with bass boost on, they become very very warm sounding :grin:
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  2. airil
    Quite a lot for me, i have a35+xd05 with my 990 premium when I'm outside, but when im back to the house, I'll hook up my little dot mk3 between xd05 and 990. Better Soundstage and acoustics.
  3. iLFuma
    I have the l27 but it's too bulky and i prefer that orientation (the usb is on the other side of the amp). I listen usually on the go and get out of the pocket it's simpler.:runner:
    Also battery life in amp mode only is much more longer and with all sound effect off the double amping effect is minimal.
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  4. WilcoRoger
    I'd invest in a Fiio L27 cable, to bypass the Sony DAC/AMP
  5. Gosod
    this player supports 256 GB?
  6. docholliday
    Yup, I have a PNY Elite Pro 256GB in perfectly.
  7. davidcotton
    Been back to using mine the last couple of days. Just salty about lack of podcast/audiobook support still. If it had those I wouldn't have just coughed up for the new hiby r6 player, or been round the houses with (deep breath) Cayin n5ii, Fiio x5-III and pioneer xdp 100r (which I really did like, aside from the size and the stupid handles). All the aforementioned players have been returned (the fiio more than once!) for one reason or another, and so I find myself using the sony. Decent sound, good battery life, nice compact size.
  8. Gosod
    How much determines where your player? of 256 GB.
  9. docholliday
  10. trellus
    I think he is asking where one goes in the UI to see how much space is being used and how much is free out of the total storage capacity.
  11. Gosod
    I asked how much memory the system sees of 256 GB.
  12. docholliday
    It sees all of the storage, minus overhead of the file system. Around 240GB.
  13. Gosod
    This little friend, so is 16 GB evaporate in the system.
  14. WilcoRoger
    Or the system calculates base 2 (2^30=1.073.741.824 bytes) and the card producer markets base 10 ( bytes) The difference is 7%. 256*0,93=238. Nothing evaporates.
  15. Gosod
    I don't know much math. biggrin.png

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