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New Shanling M6 Player - Android OS, Snapdragon 430CPU 4GB RAM,, 2.5 and 4.4 balanced, Dual AK4495SEQ, 4.7inch screen

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Aug 26, 2019.
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  1. Ffan
    After using Apk manager on my phone I was able to eventually install Tidal. Fiio music app works but the YouTube Music app doesn't.

    Compared to Thx portable, Metallica sounds better on this Shanling M6.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  2. Peragulator
    Hizdiz AP-80 is $125.00 so a 2 hundred dollar price is unrealistic.
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  3. deniska80
    Lets see...
    Cayin n6-2 is waiting for this))
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  4. Cat Music
    Shanling M6 or Fiio M11 Pro? what a difficult decision is this !!
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  5. rcoleman1
    + HiBy R5. Decisions, decisions.
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  6. spinworkxroy
    For me, having own the m0 and m5s, if the m6 still doesn't have the a2dp profile enabled, I'm getting the m11 instead.
    Something simple like a2dp so i can use an external remote..all brands like hiby amd fiio have it... Why shanling why?
  7. papa_mia
    Make another post and maybe they gon add that to the M6 who knows.
  8. Nayparm
    You'll love the M6 (if you use eq though, use neutron as shanling eq doesn't work correctly)
  9. Nayparm
    Can't go wrong with either, Shanling promised android 9 with google if that makes a difference for you.
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  10. deniska80
    I hope)
    Though I never use eq
    And my favorite player is neutron
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  11. Nayparm
    Tested and works by jumping to random song in your current play mode. eg album, all songs etc. you don't know what's coming next, no predefined list that I can see.
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  12. hieple193
    I really hate that kind of shuffle mode(already tried on Ibasso Dx120, Cayin N5ii ver2). I played song number 1,2,3, the 4th song got back to song number 1, i pressed next button it went to song number 2 :)). In a session about 30 songs in playlist, the player duplicated too many songs. I will stick with my Zx300
  13. Nayparm
    Doesn't mean this will though, I didn't notice it repeat anything pressing next about 30 times. Also even if it did your not tied to using the Shanling Player. The M6 with Neutron sounds better than my old WM1A to me. But if you can, stay with your ZX300 if its all good for you. I wish I could stick to one dap :ksc75smile:
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  14. maira
    Is the SQ much better than M5s?
  15. hieple193
    I have another question. Does M6 has setting to balance out the difference volume between songs? Im not satisfied 100% with Zx300, a bit warm for me
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