NEW Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 2.1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
  1. xza23
    Exactly , this is the only case scenario DSD has a chance , but nobody except studios that are devoted to it master from vinyl , everything Is DDD today.
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  2. Oletros
    Is the bug with album track order fixed in the m5s and, subsequently, in the m0?
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  3. DBaldock9
    The output from the original analogue audio tapes can be processed by modern digital algorithms - which could reduce noise, and improve the signal to noise ratio of digital copies.
  4. greatwhite58
    I know they can reduce noise but sound quality can only be as good as the analogue master.
  5. zaero69
    One thing that i noticed is that i had updated the shanling m0 to firm 2.1. I then deleted the file from the sdcard after the update was done
    and now i went to propperties and it shows that the firmware that the m0 is in is 1.5. This is not normal... or is it?

    Edit. Well I just updated and it still shows firmware 1.5. Does this mean that it didn't install the updtate to 2.1?
    Or do I have to update incrementally? 1.5 to 2.0 and then 2.0 to 2.1?

    Edit 2 . It seems that it was the card problem, it was formatted to exfat and that may have been the problem. now i put a fat32 card and it upated to 2.0. Now i will try to update to 2.1
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  6. Shanling
    DSD is quite challenging, so the gapless doesn't work properly with it for now.
    EQ is disabled for all Hi-Res files.
    Did you had these connections problems just with DSD or also with other files?

    We are now working on EQ software for M5s, including user EQ and some advanced DSPs. It will then be ported to M0.

    M0 has no effect on output volume when using USB out. I know it worked fine with Sony USB headphones, will try to test it with Mobius.

    Album artist should be added in future.

    Lets say that M3K is device with quite different approach to mini DAPs...

    We want to implement this in future update.
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  7. fish1050
    Alright already, I get the point, I got the update on the firmware situation I wanted so no big deal. Sorry but I am not as trusting as you guys and I have never dealt with Shanling before. Been burned many times on promises not kept by audio manufacturers over the years. Now I know there is a reason for the delay so lets move on. At this point really not much else to post anyway until the firmware update is released.
  8. fish1050
    Regarding DSD files on portable I have never understood the point. Huge file sizes and for the most part portable gear doesn't have the fidelity to take advantage of it. From my experience only high end audio gear has the chops to do DSD justice. Even then it may not be worth it on all DSD tracks depending on the quality of the master. I have a 9 TB home server with a few DSD tracks but only from very high quality master recordings. I will never waste space on a portable DAP especially not a $150 DAP on DSD files.
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  9. jelbo
    Thanks for the info, @Shanling. I'll do some more tests with the BT headphones if I get the chance. It only payed DSD files at that time.

    I know DSD is most probably overkill on a DAP, but some of the SACD (re)masters are really, really good. I've got a few of Dead Can Dance, Dire Straits and Queen and they beat the CD's easily. Same for many vinyl rips. It's probably not the DSD or vinyl itself, but the mastering that's often way better than the CD counterpart. Little to no loudness wars there. A lot of times the CD is heavily compressed, because that's what sells and what sounds 'best' on the average, bad, consumer playback devices. Like mobile bluetooth speakers or Beats headphones.

    As for space.. microSD's are very cheap at the moment, so I bought a 256GB one for use with my M0. Beause it plays DSD natively.. I do :) I could convert it to PCM using all kinds of tricks and I would probably not hear the difference, not even when I would encode that to a high quality AAC file. But why should i? Actually, I should do 16-bit/44KHz FLAC for both gapless and EQ to work, haha.
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  10. fish1050
    I have DSD's of Dire Straits and some Queen as well and they do sound really good on my home system. I use to have a much higher end home system than I do now but sold it when I got married. Listening to DSD files on that system was transcending. Listening on my more modest system now they still sound good but not as good. Listening on my M0 another step down and frankly with each step down the experience wanes and I have to way the space taken up with the audible quality. FLAC versions of the same songs are 95% of what I hear from the DSD versions and since I use the M0 to travel with 95% is more than enough.
  11. jelbo
    Fair enough, I totally understand that and may do the same eventually. For now, since space is not an issue, I personally want to go for the maximum possible quality. Mostly.. because it's possible with this technological marvel that's called the M0. There is of course no way I will hear the difference when I'm truly on the go - on a crowded bus in Bolivia for example, in a few weeks. :D I'd actually be better off with a CD transfer for maximum audibility, haha. :D
  12. barondla
    DSD on the M0 is worth it, to me, for a reason @jelbo mentioned. I don't want to have to convert my music library to different formats to play on various components. So everything is in wav or a few DSD. Now the files play on everything I own. Even have a couple of 354/24 pcm on the M0.

    I don't need to carry my whole music library with me on a portable.
  13. jelbo
    Any reason you're using WAV instead of FLAC? End result is the exact same, but at ~60-70% of the size of WAVs.
  14. originalsnuffy
    I think getting into the validity of hi res or DSD is a self defeating discussion. Almost like religion. Some of us really like hi res, others say its not worth it, others say its a release by release situation. Personally I think DSD on a DAP makes sense for certain recorders, especially well recorded analog material.

    By the way, there is a certain fishy discussion going on that seems to be dissing on Shanling's delivery of firmware updates. I am in the camp that has seen Shanling regularly support the M1 and M2S which, at least in theory, are current machines. I will admit that the Shanling M2 never quite got a firmware release that I thought was fully stable. But the M0 is already fairly stable and I have no reason to doubt that Shanling will keep supporting the unit, which they expect to be a volume seller.

    I am also in the camp that marvels how the M0 actually sounds better than the bigger and more expensive M1. The M0 also sounds better than the HiBy R3. By all rights it should not; but there it is. So I am agreeing with the person who posted that a few comments ago.
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  15. Shanling
    Well, some audiophiles will claim that WAV sounds better than FLAC. You can google it up and have a look :wink:
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