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New Q French Silk Cable

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  1. Pudu
    They are new, they are silk, and they are magnifique!

    First off, apologies for the appallingly brief write up - the packers are coming tomorrow, I only got the cables last night ( my wife - "oh I forgot, this came for you several days ago" :rolleyes: ), and I have about 5 minutes to do this while my wife isn't looking.

    I know Steve put a lot of effort into making sure the silk and the thread count was just right. And I can confirm he succeeded wonderfully. The cables have all the goodness of the original Q's - soft, light, zero micro-phonics, no annoying memory. But the silk ones are thicker and more luxurious.


    You can immediately feel the difference, but the extra body doesn't make them noticeably heavier. Everything about them oozes quality. They have a natural lushness about them. They are ... well silky soft and, up close, there's the faintest scent of lanolin (raw silk perhaps?). If you ever wanted something that was the antithesis of the rubbery plastic, uncomfortable, traditional electric cable - voilà. I haven't seen better than this.


    Now, after an all too short fondle I have to pack my new cables up for a 3 month sea voyage :frown: .

    Thanks a ton Steve, these are definitely a home run. And my apologies for the short write up - they deserve so much better.

    Vive la Q!
  2. Jompa
    I have the same cable. I couldn't be more happier with it.
  3. Pudu
    Yep, the new silk ones came out beautifully. They are more full bodied and luxurious than I anticipated. It makes the braiding more noticeable and attractive too.

    For many of these high end headphones which are, to be honest, let down by the look and feel of their nylon cables, the silkies are perfect for classing things up. Substantially.
  4. sridhar3
    Congrats guys.  Enjoy them!
  5. MorbidToaster
    If I still owned my LCD 2 I'd pick one up...If only there were an HD800 version. :D
  6. Steve Eddy
    Only way the silk will see an HD-800 is if it's wearing "earrings." [​IMG]
  7. HK_sends
    Nice job there, Steve!  
    Are they up on your website for order yet and are you going to offer interconnects in silk too?
    Inquiring minds...
    -HK sends
  8. HK_sends
    Hey, that's an idea... Silk Earpads!  You'll make a fortune!
    -HK sends
  9. Steve Eddy
    Thank you for the kind words, HK.
    Don't have any plans for silk interconnects. I mean, most folks aren't handling their interconnects the way they would handle a headphone cable so don't see much of an advantage there.
  10. Steve Eddy
    I am NOT a seamstress. [​IMG]
  11. sridhar3
    So you just wear women's clothing for fun then?
  12. MorbidToaster
    I know I do.
    sridhar3 likes this.
  13. paradoxper
    Are you offering options for different colors?
    Being ladylike I like to match, hope they'd go well with my "earrings" [​IMG]
  14. Steve Eddy
    Not at the moment, no. Custom colors (out of some 70 to choose from) would be possible, but the lead time could be up to eight weeks or a bit more.
    Besides, black goes with everything! [​IMG]
  15. WNBC
    Enjoying my U of W purple & gold cable from Steve but silk purple & gold would be something else.  If only I had the patience to wait.........[​IMG]
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