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Feb 27, 2011
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Delete the internet.

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sridhar3 Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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    Delete the internet.
    Scuba diving
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sony Qualia 010 (Q010-MDR1)
    HiFiMan HE-6
    Stax SR-007 O2 Mk.I
    Stax SR-009
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    SPL Phonitor
    HeadAmp Gilmore Lite (Silver w/ Dedicated Power Supply)
    Coda CSi Balanced Integrated
    Cavalli Liquid Lightning
    HeadAmp Blue Hawaii Special Edition
    Out On Loan: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite Limited Edition (Black w/ Dedicated Power Supply)
    Source Inventory:
    Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center DAC/Transport
    Benchmark DAC1 USB
    Cary Audio Design Xciter DAC
    JDS Labs Objective DAC (Black, 49mm)
    Audiophilleo1 USB to S/PDIF Converter (w/ Audiophilleo PurePower)
    SOtM dx-USB HD USB to S/PDIF Converter (w/ SOtM mBPS-d2s)
    Sony Vaio F Laptop (Win7 x64, Foobar2000, WASAPI)
    Zune HD 32GB
    Out On Loan: JDS Labs Objective DAC (Silver, 95mm)
    Cable Inventory:
    Black Cat Cables Silverstar! 75 BNC Cable
    Lifatec Silflex Glass TOSLINK To Miniplug Cable
    Cardas Clear USB Cable
    WireWorld Ultraviolet USB Cable
    Vampire Wire OFHC RCA IC
    Q RCA IC, XLR IC, Loudspeaker IC, Headphone Cable for HiFiMan HE-6
    Bellatone Audio Melody Power Cord
    Bellatone Audio Reference Series Chronos AES/EBU Cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Audience adeptResponse aR2p
    Vaunix Lab Brick USB Hub
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Logitech Z-5500
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    VTI BL404 Rack
    HiFiMan HE-Adapter
    Woo Audio HPS-T Headphone Stand
    Stax HPS-2 Headphone Stand
    Stax CPC-1 Protective Cover
    Sieveking Omega Zebrano Stand
    Sieveking Omega Makassar Stand
    Auralex Gramma
    NOS Siemens & Halske CCa Tubes
    NOS Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Tubes
    Lots of NOS 6SN7 Tubes
    Hippocase (Large) Headphone Case
    Mapletree Audio LR 1 Line Router
    Mapletree Audio LR Pro Line Router
    Music Preferences:
    People tell me things.
    Sony Playstation 3 Slim
    Dell M109S Micro Projector
    Logitech MX Air
    Razer Naga
    Steelseries 6Gv2
    Motorola Droid 4
    Aliph Jawbone II
    Oakley Jawbone Polarized
    Mya Obelisk 4-Hose Hookah
    Illy iperEspresso Francis Francis Y1
    Masamoto Sohonten Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou, Sujihiki, Petty
    Suisin Saika Yanagi
    Atomic Aquatics ST1 Regulator, B2 Octo, SS1 Safe Second
    Mares Icon BCD
    Suunto Vyper 2 Dive Computer
    Henderson InstaDry 5mm Full Wetsuit, Boots, Gloves
    Apollo Bio-Fins Pro XT
    Apollo Bio-Metal Mask
    Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel
    XS Scuba FogCutter Recon
    Herman Miller Embody
    I like soup.


    A foole and his monie be soone at debate,
    which after with sorrow repents him too late.
    -Thomas Tusser
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