New Posts Toronto GTA Meet January 2017 with Cayin! Impressions,Reviews and Pics!

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  1. loligagger
    Had a great time, thanks to Paul for hosting & everyone else for coming out and bringing all their setups. There never seems to be enough time in the end, but I did get a chance to listen to a number of 'phones for the first time. I can't really pass judgement that'd be all that useful as it's not under my normal listening conditions. I can say that everything I listened to I would like the chance to try them out more thoroughly.
    On a side note it seems expensive hobbies travel together, it was nice to see a Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange & Söhne, & IWC at the meet. Definitely beautiful pieces. [​IMG]
    I'd like to see how those Jecklin photos turned out too. [​IMG]
  2. greyhorse
    A big thank you to Paul for hosting this meet!  Power bars for every table and custom name tags for everyone to boot.  That couldn't have been cheap!
    The vegetable/dip combo was also a nice touch too.
    Turn-out was amazing which really took the meet over the top.
    I don't follow the forums much these days, so I apologize in advance for the lack of descriptions below. 
    Robin's audio-gd system; DAC on the chair I believe.
    charliex, SirIsaac, NightFlight and our host - bigfatpaulie
    The Cayin stack with Focal Utopias and the ever-present HD800s.
    nephilim32 and Clsmooth391 talking around Clsmooth391's(?) Micro ZOTL and Zida's HE-1000s.
    RobinK listening to TH-X00s powered by a DIY F-5 headamp.
    SirIsaac listening to MickeyVee's McIntosh MXA70s driving HD800s.
    cs098's ZMF Eikons playing through McIntosh 2505s.
    A group shot featuring tylerchris, PeterPangea(?), RobinK, nephilim32, cs098 and ambchang (his vintage AU-717 rig in the foreground)
    ambchang listening to PrimeNexus' modified T50RPs(?) with 3D printed cups.
    PrimeNexus' rig.  Hegel HD12s with a DIY "The Wire" headamp
    nephilim32 listening to the Focal Utopias through what looks to be MickeyVee's McIntosh.
    MickeyVee listening to PrimeNexus' DT 1770 Pros.
    Funkehed chilling out to some LCD-2s.
    Lolilagger, NightFlight and SirIsaac gathered around Lolilagger's Yggy - KGSSHV setup with the SR009s.
    better picture of above system with NightFlight's Bottlehead Mainline next to it.
    Just a bunch of guys hanging out.  monoglycer with his HD-6XXs
    A common sight at meets - this is what happens when guys are left alone with a bunch of gear.
    HE-1000s were thrown on this pile later, but this was totally un-staged.
    The Jecklin Float shots will come later - I need to sleep!
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  3. PeterPangea
    Thanks again to Paul for hosting! This was my first meet and I had a ball of a time. Really enjoyed chatting about headphones, IEMs, and everything else with true enthusiasts of the hobby. Also glad to see that the IEM gear I brought along was able to get some love (and not totally blown out of the water by the top-notch stuff here)!
    Everything at the meet was a stand-out as it was all so good sounding! One thing this meet did was highlight the importance of a good source. I had a HD800 running out of a HA160D and it sounded like ass compared to all of the different HD 800s here (Mainline + Yggy was a notable one for me)
    Meet was definitely a great way to pinpoint what I'm looking for in my next full-size headphone setup. Will probably settle on HD650 + Audio-gd for now until the budget allows for more. Definitely interested in checking out the AK300 too. That plus my Andromedas sounded quite nice with the right music.
    Looking forward to checking out more meets in the future!
  4. monoglycer
    Great meet Paul and thanks for the pictures Jeff (I expect Fuji gear from you next time)!
    I have to say, this was probably the most impressive gear collection I have seen at any recent head-fi meet, I am very appreciative for everyone for bringing their beloved headphones and amps!
    Was impressed by the ER4PXR, although my ears still hurt 2 days after.
    I enjoyed the meet and look forward to the next one! Note I fully expect a snowflake on your wrist next time I see you at a meet Paul! :)
  5. greyhorse
    As promised, please see below for the inaugural shots of our get-together newbies.
    charliex kindly brought his Jecklin Floats so our first-timers* could introduce themselves in style.
    *or people who've never had a chance to mug it up with the best in 70s styling
    As always it was great meeting everybody and I look forward to the next meet.
    Vince - next meet you need to get a few shots in so you can prove how much superior Fuji is than Canon.  Then I might think about switching!
  6. bigfatpaulie
    Thanks everyone for your kind words!  I really appreciate that!!  It was honestly such a privilege and a pleasure to have everyone.  I really had a wonderful time.
    Thanks for all the photos guys!  They look amazing, though, we all know that Nikon is king :)
  7. NightFlight
    [​IMG] *shakes fist* [​IMG]
    Campfire Andromeda's -> me -> 
  8. PeterPangea

    You know you want it :D I'm really tempted by that AK300...
  9. NightFlight
    I think this is twice now. A couple years ago at my very first meet I think you said I had to try the W40's. BAM! Had to have them.
  10. KwyjiboVenneri
  11. PeterPangea
    Haha not sure if the Westones were me, as this was my first meet lol. I was definitely a fan of my old Westone 3s though :)
  12. FallenAngel Contributor
  13. NightFlight
    Sorry, foggy memory I guess.  Those Jecklin Floats are something else. Wished they worked! I mean... you haven't lived until...
    ... and the Andromeda's have shipped! W00t!
  14. MickeyVee

    Sweet! and congrats!! The Andromeda's were amazing with the AK300! For now, holding off on my GAS.  May sell the SE535 & SE846 to pay for them.
  15. NightFlight
    Hmm. I've got an old pair of E500's.  What is/are 'GAS'?
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