New Posts Toronto GTA Meet January 2017 with Cayin! Impressions,Reviews and Pics!

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  1. MickeyVee
    GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  A common sickness around HeadFi [​IMG]
  2. NightFlight
  3. NightFlight
    Speaking of GAS...
    I've been mulling over the thought of getting a USB based DAC/AMP for my in-ears at work, but I've got a doubt I'd do better than my AK100ii on the cheap.
  4. nephilim32
    Hello all!

    Doctor Feelbass here. Ah yes! Ze memorable moments and great impressions from this jan 21st meet. it goes.

    LCD XC's with The CAYIN (amp portion only) paired with my AK JR DAP. Awesome. I'm really falling in love more n' more with the XC's sound sig with that mega bass extension. The XC's really thrive with a big, clean power supply and the CAYIN delivers big time.

    FOCAL UTOPIA's and HD 800's ( classic with no dampeners) paired with the MICRO Z. along with the mega clean Mojo ILLUMINATI solid state power supply. Quite simply I feel the Focal's never sounded better to my ears and the HD 800's treble roll off was greatly controlled. Very realistic stuff. A wonderful critical listening rig.

    HD 800's and the HI-FI MAN HE-6's paired with the Macintosh 2505. This is a definite wow. All I can say I've got a new found respect for the HE-6's. They can be a very revealing headphone with plenty of bass extension when treated correctly.
    I also must say that the ZMF's were a surprise with this amp, however more break in time with those CANs will surely give my SONY MDR Z7's and the Fostex 00's a heavy run for their money. Not quite Ether C flow or LCD XC territory, but surely that is why the ZMF's are a 1000$ less!

    MR. SPEAKERS ETHER C-FLOW paired with my AK JR along with the HI-FIMAN M-8 in balanced mode. This was a shocker! Really makes me reconsider the purchase of a CYPHER LABS 720 THEOREM amp/dac. CENTRANCE 8 is amazing!

    FOSTEX 00's with my Bass Junk. Pretty nice pair of headphones. Offer up a thicker mid range and more realistic vocals than my SONY MDR Z7's, however the bass extension is much much lighter. The 00's and the Z7's really compete awesomely with one another. 2 of the best headphones I've ever heard in the 600 to 800$ range.

    Hegal with the DT 1770's. Got to pump some Pink Floyd at a reasonable volume for 3 mins before the battery died on the computer! Lol. Oh I'll need more time with those Bayers. :wink:
    A skilled headphone indeed.

    And of course, the STAX 007's and 009's. What's not to like? However I will argue to the death with anyone that the HD 800's are actually more revealing in overall soundstage, especially width. Just a feeling, but the HD 800's need that killer amp to be that world beater headphone that it can be! :)

    Oh and lastly, Mickey Vee's Sonar works software to treat the treble spike for the HD 800's along with his killer playlist of artists to choose from. Gotta have my Tears for Fears and New Order to close out the day. :wink:

    Anyhow. Once again. I had an amazing time and you all are wonderful company. Thank you so much for bringing some of the finest audio gear this planet has to offer. I bet that we had the best audio treatment in all of Toronto on the 21st of Jan 2017. We really filled that room gentlemen!!! Not to forget we had Cognac too! Lol thanks Yuri!

    Till we meet again...enjoy the music. :)

    Yup. I'm 'that guy.' A man who loves his sonics. I couldn't be happier. Thank you guys!
  5. RobinK
    If anyone picked up a short micro usb cable, please let me know.
  6. NightFlight
    I assume you've heard/read all the requisite warnings regarding hearing loss? I don't want to be a jerk, but I feel that I have to say something. Just putting it out there. I've read and posted a lot on here and you wouldn't be the first or last head-fi victim to loose their hearing.
    On the flip side I get the distinct feeling that possibly some people are less responsive to db pressure than others.
    In my case, I've gone to a few amplified venues in recent years and I have to say that I'm disappointed every time since its too damn !@#$ loud. Even the theatre to see a movie - I have to ask - what is wrong with people? Are they all deaf? Is it just me? For future ventures I got myself a pair of - since lets face it, the quality production just isn't there for most live amplified productions anyhow.
    Protect your hearing... don't drink and drive the gain control... [​IMG]
  7. NightFlight
    Was there a photo of just the Cayin stack with the focals? It sounded pretty sweet.
  8. MickeyVee
    Hey all, can't remember who mention this (thanks BTW} but they said that I could get an OTG cable for the AK300 and run USB out into the McIntosh. Not happy with any Optical feeding into the McIntosh or Naim.
    So, what the heck, I got the Audioquest Dragontail for Android and ran it into both units.  Works perfectly!! Additionally, both remotes work controlling the AK300 for track changes and play/pause. Nice surprise.  This makes the AK300 a really nice source hooked up to a PC/Mac-less system or on the go.  { Now saving for the Andromeda's [​IMG] }
    Setup the AK300/Naim by by recliner for a second system. Sick!
    Thanks! M
  9. nephilim32
  10. jrham
    Sorry I missed the meet...under the weather. See you next time around!

    Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  11. nephilim32

    For sure, John! Love those AKG 240's of yours. :)
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