New Portable Amp/Dac: iBasso D1 **with updates on the first page**
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Alright so it seems to me like I can go with either the D1 or D2 for functionality, and the difference should be minimal in terms of sound quality as well.

So the only reasons justifying the wait for the D2 would be that it might be smaller/more portable and cheaper than the D1?

The difference for me would be simple: do you need Optical and/or Coax inputs? If not, get the D2. If you do, get the D1.
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The difference for me would be simple: do you need Optical and/or Coax inputs? If not, get the D2. If you do, get the D1.

yea it seems like the D2 is better suited for me because I dont' need the inputs and benefit from the smaller size and slightly better SQ. But I'm very eager to try out an amp so I'm trying to justify waiting for them :p
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I would just wait for the D2 in your case.

I my case, I couldn't have lived without my D1 as a desktop/bedside table DAC, but I wanted a very small portable USB DAC amp, and the D2 wasn't out yet, so I bought the Predator...

If you need one now, Predatpr is only $475 shipped for a new one, and you'd get it right away, otherwise you get to wait.
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Originally Posted by HiFlight /img/forum/go_quote.gif

1: The D1 had 4 inputs: Aux, USB, Optical, Coax. I suspect that the Aux would handle a mike input if it is a 1/8" stereo miniplug, although I have not tried it. It does not have the ability to function as a mixer. I'm not sure what you plan to do with the mike input.

2: The output can be adjusted from 0 to earsplitting. There is no milliwatt specification stated, as it depends on the impedance of the driven phones. The sensitivity of your phones are 106 db/mw, so you should have more than adequate power available to damage your hearing!

3: You should certainly notice a difference using the amp, especially if you use the digital inputs. Whether or not it takes you to another level pretty much depends on your starting point of reference. From a crap soundcard, I would say that you will be very pleased. If you decide to change the opamps to a different combination, you will notice even more improvement. The D1 has great potential for improvements in the sound quality, as you have probably surmised from the D1 thread.

4: The D1 has the ability to separate the DAC from the amplifier, allowing it to be used as a standalone DAC. It also has, as previously mentioned above, aux, coax, usb and optical inputs. The D2 has only usb. Cost difference will probably be about $50-60 dollars, although the price for the D2 has not yet been officially posted. The D2 will probably use the P2 amp architecture, which is more sophisticated than that used in the D1. The consensus of opinion is that the stock P2 sounds better than the stock D1.

5: Whether it is worth waiting depends on your anticipated usage. If you want to use devices with digital outputs, the D1 is the logical choice. If you want a small amp with less input/output flexibility, but still have a USB input, the D2 will probably serve your needs nicely

iBasso has been extremely receptive from inputs from their customers, and have made improvements in the opamps that are installed in the stock units.

Both the D1 and P2, and very likely the upcoming D2 have opamp sockets to allow the users to experiment with different opamps to custom tailor the amps sound to ones personal preference.

I remember reading on the iBasso site that only the first 100 amps shipping will have opamp sockets.
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Well, with these new re-cabled Ultrasone HFI780 I've been searching for amp synergy.

As previously posted, I first found the DarkVoice 336i with Sylvania VT-231 ($60) in front and Tung Sol 5998 ($30) in the back is best for home amp, keeping the sound stage as big as possible, while taming the bright treble.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours swapping opamps in the iBasso D1 to see what suited the HFI780 best. I ended up with:
AD743x2 in the LR with a 2:1 adapter (the AD797 were very close), and the
LMH6643 in the buffers (instead of the AD8397 which was a little harsh), and the
LTC6241HV in the DAC (instead of LT6234 which was brighter).

This D1 opamp combo seems fantastic with the HFI780, although the DAC might still need a little taming. But soundstage depth is improved, and the frequency balance seems just right, while everything is very transparent. No details are lost with these opamps either, and they will play as loud as I need them to. It sounds very similar to the DarkVoice 336i now
HiFlight has been recommending I try some of these opamps for a while, and now I'm sorry I didn't try it sooner.

When skipping the iBasso DAC and using my Headstage USB DAC, the sound is wonderfully transparent, natural and full without any excessive brightness. The original opamp selections were optimal for my Grado RS-2 with APS V3 cable, Denon D2000 with APS v2 cable, HD600 with APS v3 cable, and Edition 9/Proline 2500. I will try all those other headphones with these opamps during the day Wednesday sometime.

So, next is to try more opamps in the DAC - I have left over OPA2111, AD746, AD823, LT1364, LM4562 (2), LME49720NA (2), AD8397 (2), and AD8066, AD8616, AD8656. Based on previous recent posts, I'm thinking the LM4562 will be the next one to try, but has anyone tried the LME49720? Which other ones have you guys tried in DAC that might suit my needs besides the LM4562?
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I haven't tried all the combinations but I find the 4562 and to a lesser degree, the 49720 to be more HiFi like, with an artificial presentation of the frequencies that is somehow plastic in nature.
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Originally Posted by PPkiller /img/forum/go_quote.gif
you should try 6655 for the buffers.. i compared both 6643 & 6655 with the ad743... they sound different.. and i prefer the sound of 6655..

Yeah, in the ALO HFI780 thread I said I was going to order some 6655 but that info didn't make it into this thread. I'd then try 6643 in DAC when I get them.

My D1 was one of the first made and came with NE5532 in the buffers, AD823 in the LR, and AD8616 in the DAC, so I've amassed quite a variety of opamps already. Any other DAC suggestions?
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I wanted to make an observation concerning the Corda MOVE and the iBasso D1:

In my iBasso, I have 6241HV as DAC and AD743 as L/R and LMH6655 as buffers...

Generally speaking, I love the sound of the MOVE (especially when driving my Senn HD650s) and it's precise accuracy and powerful, warm representation. The iBasso doesn't seem to have that driving energy to the sound that I certainly desire for rock or fuller symphonic works.

However, I have been listening to some Bach piano inventions played by Glenn Gould. The iBasso is absolutely fantastic when paired with my Yuin PK1s. Especially in the quieter inventions, there is such perfect realism and higher overtones present that I don't get when I feed the sound to the MOVE. Now, part of this may be the 6241HV DAC isn't the best pairing with the MOVE, but the sound is 'dead' when it comes out of the MOVE. There isn't a liveliness to it and the sound is cold and uninteresting. The D1's presentation is far better.

Now, I don't know how far this comparison can be extrapolated. The MOVE really is a better all-around amp, but I have discovered that on at least some music, the D1 is 'magical' and can create listening environments that the MOVE cannot. Maybe it's just the expansive soundstage of the AD743 with the 6655 buffers that I'm noticing, but whatever it is, the D1 is capable of some special sound reproduction...
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Originally Posted by joeq70 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I am currently using the 6241 in the DAC section of my iBasso D1. I also have a 6241HV...what's the difference between the two?

The HV is the higher voltage.
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Thanks to Musicmaker and HiFlight I switched out my stock LT1364 and stock buffers for AD797 and dummy opamps (bypassed buffers) this weekend. It took very little time to notice the difference:

Stock LT1364 - Sparkly highs and thin sound
AD797 - Normal highs and thicker, more natural sound. Beefier bass and mids. The clear winner for me!

Maybe it's only because of my ER-4S that the LT1364 sound so bright? Well, previously I took off my P>S cable and my ER-4P also sounded bright with the LT1364. It's more than subtle to me, it's annoying and unnatural and I knew I needed to change it. In a way I wanted to like the "sparklyness" of it, but the lack of bass and mids and the thinness were too much to ignore.

Next I tried out my Portaphile V2 Maxxed amp vs. the D1 AD797 amp. I used the D1 DAC via H140 optical out in both cases. My D1 amp now sounds almost identical to my V2. Previously my V2 sounded the way I describe the AD797 - I love that sound. Maybe the V2's AD8610s are similar to the AD797? I don't know. I do know that I can't tell the difference between my V2 and D1 now with these new opamps.

So the V2 does NOT need to be part of my sound chain now. Maybe the V2 amp is still better than the D1's amp, but if I can't tell the difference then if doesn't matter. Too bad the D1 is so big - but getting a DAC, amp, and sizeable battery pack inside makes it worth it to me.

Music: I listened to FLAC versions of songs from CDs I think are mixed very well. I look for great bass lines, bass drums, and treble from cymbals and hi hats, etc...Rush - Snakes & Arrows has a GREAT mix for listening tests, tons of highs and defined lows to listen to. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos, Train of Thought. Tool - their 3 latest CDs. Pantera - Greatest hits, another great mix here.
Gear: h140 optical out>Sysconcepts optical cable >D1 &/or V2 > ER-4S/P
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I am still trying to figure out how to use FLAC with my Mac to put on my iRiver.

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